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Aug 23 2023
Naked Guy Soup + AND JUST LIKE THAT ... Gets Season 3, Teases Kim Cattrall's Cameo + Remembering River Phoenix + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

CLAWS ARE OUT! Vera Miles & Vincent Price Eat Each Other Alive on COLUMBO (Sian Barbara Allen needs to duck)

♬ original sound - Matthew Rettenmund/BoyCulture

ABOVE: Happy 94th to Vera Miles, seen here scratching Vincent Price's eyeballs out while Sian Barbara Allen attempts to escape unscathed.

BELOW: Keep reading for naked guys, remembering River Phoenix and — not to let an ellipsis go to waste — a third season of And Just Like That ...


OMG.BLOG!: His name is David Avery, and in case you're wondering, he looks great naked when he rises out of that water.

WWD: Season 2 finale of And Just Like That... is nearly here! Plus — it's been renewed for Season 3. So ... it will run for at least half as long as Sex and the City!

INSTAGRAM: Remembering River Phoenix, who would have turned 53 years old today. He died 30 years ago this coming Halloween.

Last-of-us-murray-bartlett-nick-offerman-gay-peter-hoar-hbo-boyculturePatience paid off. (Image via HBO)

VANITY FAIR: The story of Peter Hoar directing that amazing Murray Bartlett/Nick Offerman episode of The Last of Us.

PEOPLE: No, Kyle Richards isn't in a lesbian relationship.

THR: Cher is under the mistaken impression she invented autotune. But as always, it is entertaining to hear her expound on any subject. More interesting is her response to selling her music catalogue — I hadn't realized she gets to keep everything from “Believe” on.