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Aug 22 2023
Lauri Carleton's Killer Was Evangelical Travis Ikeguchi + Nudes By F.W. Murnau + Woman Groped, Assaulted, Called Anti-Queer Names In Bed-Stuy, Assailant Nabbed + Gael García Bernal Goes Full Liberace Of Lucha Libre + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If the shirt fits ...

BELOW: Keep reading for killers and assailants meet justice, the nudes by Silent Era director F.W. Murnau, Drew Barrymore rushed and more ...

Travis-ikeguchi-murderer-gay-lauri-carleton-boycultureIn case you're wondering, the P is for pedophile — just the latest anti-queer slur. (Image via Twitter)

NPR: The man who killed Lauri Carleton for displaying Pride flags — and was later shot dead by cops — has been identified. The killer was 27-year-old Travis Ikeguchi, and his pinned tweet says it ALL.

P.S. These are the people who are following him, including at least 40 who followed him after he was named as Lauri's killer.

INSTAGRAM: The gorgeous nudes of David Rollins by F.W. Murnau, taken in Wolf's Lair around 1928-1929. Rollins worked in Hollywood from 1927-1921. Seven of his 16 films are lost. He apparently found Murnau's request to pose nude strange, but was comfy enough to oblige. He late had a serious relationship with the author John B. L. Goodwin until at least the 1940s, after which time Rollins settled in Encinitas, California, dying just 26 years ago at 89.

As for Murnau, he died after a 1931 car accident. The accident has been luridly misreported for nearly a century as having involved a 14-year-old Filipino driver he was fondling or fellating at the time. Absolutely false in every regard. The driver was not 14, was not Filipino and was not engaged in a sex act with Murnau, all gossip that probably sprung out of his being gay. The driver was over 30 and lived to be 85. Sadly, Murnau's grave was defiled in 2015 and his skull stolen.

Hate-crime-bed-stuy-crime-watchers-boycultureHope it was worth it! (Image via Crime Stoppers)

PATCH: A 22-year-old woman was punched and groped in Bed-Stuy here in New York while waiting for a subway train. This happened in the early afternoon, and was accompanied by anti-queer comments. Sounds like a clear-cut hate crime, and while I was typing this, cops announced they have arrested the shithead. The alleged assailant is Ian Williams, 22, and he is being charged with assault, sexual abuse and forcible touching.

Josh-blevins-brian-kirk-boyculture-gay-library-board-missouriJosh Blevins (L), a self-styled alpha-male Christian, is anything but a “conservative.” Brian Kirk (R) is anything but a “recruiter.” (Images via social meda)

LGBTQ NATION: Look, we need more queer people and allies to get aggressive with library and educational situations, because our side is more suited to that field and shouldn't be ceding any ground to zealots. Case in point: a GOP official pushed the city council in a local Missouri jurisdiction to block the re-nomination of a qualified — but gay — pastor to the library board.

EURONEWS: I'm confused by this story about an Italian general who bashed queer people and was removed for it. The story suggests things are improving for us in Italy, in the ranks of police and the military, but isn't Italy veering into fascism? Why would a general be fired for asserting what the Italian government believes?

GIZMODO: “Growing Up Gay in the Age of Apps”:

I can’t flirt in person; talking to a man in a gay bar makes every part of me above my nipples redden and heat up with middle-school-caliber embarrassment. I struggle to bandy back and forth even with a man I know is interested in me; I would rather chat with him on the internet. There, I have no such problem. Chatting with a profile is easy, and easy to arrange a transactional meetup. My senses of direction and seduction feel vestigial.

TIMES OF ISRAEL: In Israel, gay parents and their kids denied use of a park for not being a real family.

WFIT: Again, a federal judge in Florida has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the state's notorious Don't Day Gay law.

PEOPLE: Gael García Bernal is playing Saúl Armendáriz — the Liberace of Lucha Libre — in the upcoming film Cassandro:

I smell an Oscar nomination! Bad Bunny in the house, too.

POLITICO: Biden visited Maui, promised recovery no matter how long it will take.

KENNETH IN THE (212): I'll take his arms.

TWITTER: Drew Barrymore was surprised by a stalker who rushed the stage at her 92nd St. Y talk. She handled it calmly. There is very little to be done about true stalkers. Either they give up, they kill you, or — hopefully — they die. People who email you 50x a day are also annoying, but at least you can block.

@vidsofceleb Scary moment, thankfully security took care of it. #drewbarrymore #reneerapp ♬ original sound - Edits