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Aug 21 2023
Matteo Lane's Engaged + Butt & Bulge Combo + Affected By Hurriquake? + Diversity Should Include Age + Sugar's Daddy Ken + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Quads-muscles-gay-handsome-hot-boyculture-beefcakeHe'd have no problems hitchhiking. (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: They call him Quadzilla.

BELOW: Keep reading for Matteo Lane's engagement, a killer butt-and-bulge combo, more Red, White & Royal Blue and LOTS of other stuff ...

INSTAGRAM: Gay stand-up Matteo Lane announces his engagement.

Ashley-gibson-nude-boycultureOMG.BLOG!: OMG, I know you're sometimes like eh when I post a hot guy, but the butt-bulge combo here is deadly.

HUFF POST: My SoCal friends were lightheared about Hurriquake, but it appears a good number of residents were affected.

NYT: God help us, the gays are asking their pals to send nudes on their birthdays, then submitting to NYT interviews to explain why they're doing it. They're also asking for money. Just ... free money. I mean, sex work is work, and so is just existing.

TWITTER: Travis Tritt should be sued into oblivion by the already litigious Dominion and also by Brian Kemp. People need to learn social media existing is not a reason to just make up libelous shit.

POLITICO: A possible (bad) explanation for why that egregious Kansas newspaper raid happened.

INSTAGRAM: Mickey Boardman, late of Paper, breaks down the layers in his life, from collector to fat person to workout-conscious health advocate to disabled. Very interesting (short) read.

GEORGIA VOICE: Making Atlanta Black Gay Pride age-inclusive.

Sugars-daddy-sugar-ken-boyculture-mattelInspired by the Slim Aarons photo Palm Beach Party, this Ken would keep you on a short leash. (Image via Mattel)

WWD: The history of Sugar's Daddy Ken. (Note the apostrophe.)

HUFF POST: Jane Curtin bravely admits that early SNL was funny, but is not funny. She rewatched her stint on the iconic series and concluded most of the humor was of the you-hadda-be-there variety, with which I agree — it's why so many people think Clue is hysterical when it is only amusing in patched — and about which I say: that's okay.

Kissing-alex-claremont-diazDon't miss it. (GIF via Amazon Prime)

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Some deleted scenes from Red, White & Royal Blue.

ROLLING STONE: Tracking the LEAST-streamed songs of several superstars' careers is a bit depressing. Madonna's least-streamed song is her gorgeous AIDS ballad “In This Life”?! Fewer streams than “Hey You” or “Did You Do It?” or “B-Day Song”? JFC. Ignorance really isn't bliss.