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Aug 10 2023
Who's A PRETTY BOY? + Would-Be Assassin Killed + GOP Mega-Donor Sentenced For Child Sex Trafficking + Peter Facinelli's Butt, Antonio Banderas's Crotch + MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: The film Vera is mesmerizing. Caught a screening and captured the above Q&A with one of the filmmakers and Vera Gemma herself.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot singer, a Democratic traitor, a would-be assassin and more ...

Davis-mallory-shirtless-boycultureThe whole birthday package (Image via Instagram video still)

 YOUTUBE: Davis Mallory is turning 40 today, and celebrating his recent “Pretty Boy” music video:

CBS: A Utah lunatic named Craig Robertson made multiple credible threats to assassinate President Biden and Vice President Harris, dared the FBI to come get him and threatened to shoot them, and he got shot dead for it. For this, conservatives are reminding us that performance artist Kathy Griffin held up a photo representing Trump's severed head, and that pop icon Madonna said she wanted to blow up the White House but was instead leading with love. Not EXACTLY apples to apples.

Anton-tony-lazzarro-republican-child-sex-trafficker-boycultureHe has posed with Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Tucker Carlson and more. (Image via mug shot)

AP: Anton Lazzarro, a well-connected GOP donor, has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for child sex trafficking. At age 30, he was paying 15- and 16-year-old girls for sex.

DAILY MAIL (I KNOW, BUT): Tiffany Gomas is the insane woman who stormed to the front of a plane and declared it unsafe, all the while claiming she was sitting next to someone who was not real. Turns out she's just another crazy; the conflict was over airbuds, but she refuses to explain the more unhinged aspects of her rant, which of course seriously inconvenienced a lot of people. (But who cares, she has a $1.6M home and is not ever-so-sad she's gone viral.)

Peter-facinelli-movie-boycultureHe likes to show it, we like to see it. (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Peter Facinelli's butt is evergreen content.

TWITTER: Sen. Tim Scott, the Black Republican running for his party's nomination for the presidency, went on Fox News and said climate change was ridiculous to talk about — while Maui burns:

TWITTER: State Attorney Monique Worrell, duly elected in Florida, was removed by dictatorial Gov. Ron DeSantis. Now, she's speaking out:

EXTRATV: RIP Robbie Robertson, 80.

NYT: That disputed Chuck Close painting will finally go up for auction.

INSTAGRAM: Antonio Banderas turns 63.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Fake Dem. Sen. Joe Manchin is again flirting with leaving the party.

ALCHEMIE BOOKS: Just in time for you to immediately buy and devour it comes a reissue of Peter Jordaan's A Secret Between Gentlemen: Lord Battersea's Hidden Scandal and the Lives It Changed Forever. It's the book that uncovered the long-forgotten scandal involving Britain's handsomest politician and his hush-hush pimping. It's not only the crime, it's the cover-up.

Secret-between-gentlemen-peter-jordaan-boyculture-gayThird edition is out now! (Image via Alchemie)