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Aug 29 2023
Rubén Cortada Bares All + Another School Shooting + DeSantis Heckled Over Racist Policies + Kenneth Walsh Gets Hitched + Eminem vs. Vivek Ramaswamy + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Nolan-gould-shirtless-boycultureModern love (Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: Nolan Gould, of Modern Family, is all growed up.

BELOW: Keep reading for an award-worthy butt, DeSantis feeling the heat, another shooting and more ...

Butt-ass-male-nudity-booty-gay-boyculture-Ruben-Cortada-El-Senor-de-los-Cielos00002Beard week (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: All that and Rubén Cortada also has a nice culo.

KSBW: A faculty member was shot dead on the UNC Chapel Hill campus in a shooting that had some students leaping from windows to escape. For once, the suspect was captured alive.

YOUTUBE: Look at these Black people shaking the hands of DeSantis, who despises Black people — at least he got booed while pretending to care about the three Black people murdered by a white supremacist in Jacksonville, Florida.

HUFF POST: A right-wing judge on Wisconsin's Supreme Court is ever-so-pissed that her colleagues are now in the majority. Eat a dick, your honor! Republicans — all of them — are the worst.

CBS NEWS: House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, a Republican who has been shot and is still pro-guns, announces cancer diagnosis.

POLITICO: Eminem vs. Ramaswamy. Also, Vivek used to care about NOT voting for people without experience:

HUFF POST: Ray Smith becomes the first defendant to cop a plea in the Georgia election-tampering cases. Meanwhile, this Black for Trump can't afford legal counsel — and there is no help forthcoming. I guess that's why there is no group called Trump for Blacks.

YOUTUBE: I do not know why this is gay, but it is gay. And I smell gays and lesbians in the piece:

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kenneth in the (702) — gay blogger gets hitched in Vegas. Congrats to the happy couple!

BBC: A man in Uganda has been sentenced to death for aggravated homosexuality. All that is known is he is 20, and he allegedly (what a word, and what a world) had sex with a 41-year-old. For 10 years, we've been hearing about Uganda's anti-gay law. Well, it's here, and now here is the first person sentenced to die for being gay.

Nigeria is little better. It's law makes homosexuality and gay marriage in particular punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Over 60 people were just detained at a gay wedding. State police spokesman Bright Edafe (who isn't) said:

The amazing part of it was that we saw two suspects, and there is a video recording where they were performing their wedding ceremony. We are in Africa and we are in Nigeria. We cannot copy the Western world because we don’t have the same culture. This is not something that will be allowed in Nigeria.

Now Ghana has entered the chat.

PAGE SIX: Congress is broken when a lying POS like Rep. George Santos (R, of course) is still parading around, unjailed. Now, he's bragging that he lost 100 lbs. with Ozempic and that he can kick Sen. Mitt Romney's ass.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: When Martin Fucsovics wins, we all win.

Martin-fucsovics-shirtless-boycultureWe won. (Image via video still)