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Aug 26 2023
Jockstrap Fever + Kathy Griffin's Return To Form + Liam Payne In Pain + Is Taylor Zakhar Perez's Butt Too Hairy? Is Any Butt? + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Drag-nun-spanking-boyculutreHe knows what he did. (Image courtesy Peter Miller of New York)

ABOVE: Reader Peter Miller strikes (literally) again. In this turn-of-the-last-century snapshot, a nun administers corporal punishment. Of course, the toughest nuns are the ones who are men! P.S. It was taken in San Antonio, which has slipped a lot since then, queer-wise.

BELOW: Keep reading for male nudity, Kathy Griffin and what else is there again? ...

Jockstrap-gay-boyculture-glossHe's a side. (Image via Gloss)

KENNETH IN THE (212): On the whoreizon.

EXTRATV: Liam Payne has a serious kidney infection — enough to be hospitalized.

INSTAGRAM: Sounds like a return to form and tone for Kathy Griffin.

HUFF POST: Oliver Anthony of “Rich Men North of Richmond” instant fame has been seen as a right-wing populist. After all, his song snipes at welfare recipients. But turns out his song is madder at the rich, and therefore he scoffed at the GOP using it for their debate. He went so far as to say he wrote the song about “people like them.”

THEM: An uncomfortably deep dive into the gay male community's love affair with steroids.

Mr. Man Has the RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE Goodies!

EW: Somehow, lovely Taylor Zakhar Perez was worried this butt — this one, below — was too hairy for TV. By the way, I genuinely liked this movie. I so rarely like romantic comedies of any kind, but Matthew López nailed it. I found the end challenged my ability to suspend disbelief, but it's a mild criticism.

Taylor-zakhar-perez-nude-butt-gay-boycultureHis director got a sneak peek and okayed the melons. (Image via Mr. Man)