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Sep 11 2023
9/11 Receipts + Why Trump, George Santos & The Late Jerry Falwell Are Scum + San Francisco's Gay Rodeo + Britney And That Damned Snake + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Earl-holliman-boyculture-gayBrokeback molehill. They adapted the movie from this. (Image via movie still)

ABOVE: God, I love Earl Holliman. He turns 95 today. More b'days HERE.

BELOW: Keep reading for 9/11 bitterness and receipts, the evil of people like Trump and Santos, male models and more ...

Shirtless male model boycultureFelt cute, but he won't delete later. (Image via selfie)

SOCIALITE LIFE: It's Male Model Monday.

@boyculturedotcom Jerry Falwell Blames Gays, Lesbians, 'Abortionists,' Pagans, PFAW & the ACLU for 9/11 — and Says America DESERVED IT (Pat Robertson: "I totally concur.") #neverforget #christianity #jerryfalwell #patrobertson #911 #september11 ♬ original sound - Matthew Rettenmund/BoyCulture

BOY CULTURE: My original post about 9/11 from 2006 recalls how it felt to watch the buildings from a not-so-safe distance, as well as the immediately aftermath. P.S. Above — I'm so fucking happy Falwell and Robertson are dead.

@boyculturedotcom Donald Trump Crows That HIS Building Is Now TALLEST in Manhattan — on the Morning of 9/11 #donaldtrump #911 #september11 #neverforget ♬ original sound - Matthew Rettenmund/BoyCulture

I still remember how, in the weeks following Trump's presidential victory, a pissy queen wrote me to ask why, why, why I was still posting negative things about him, urging me to give him a chance. Anyone who has an iota of respect or affection for Donald Trump is GARBAGE.

POLITICO: Speaking of, Rep. George Santos (R-New York) has apparently been chit-chatting about plea deals with the feds.

TWITTER: Donald Trump had a Mitch McConnell moment when his TelePrompTer failed.

RAW STORY: Even Peter Doocy of Fox News knows Biden is a workhorse, age be damned.

VULTURE: Drew Barrymore will cross the WGA picket line. Bad move.

PINK NEWS: Straight guys surveyed reveal they're uncomfy with gay bars (sigh), crying (c'mon!) and ... applying sun cream. Please tell me you're wiping your ass?

JOE.MY.GOD.: On that tip, a lion who hugs is too queer for Florida.

OMG.BLOG!: Britney was scared of that snake.

EXTRATV: Chris Evans got married!!! To a woman. :(

S.F. CHRONICLE: I'm as gay as a San Francisco rodeo!

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW HERE): Peter Miller of NY shares this 1860s image of a family that includes a curious figure on the left. Is this a boy still wearing feminine attire well past his boyhood? Or a masculine looking girl? The name HOWARD is under that figure. I love antique mysteries.