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Sep 08 2023
SLEEPAWAY CAMP Is 40 & Uncanceled + Tuberville's Term Needs Terminating + Gay Owner Donates To GOP + DeSantis Elevates Moms For Liberty + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Master and servant.

BELOW: An '80s movie whose makers were definitely horny at best, the rot at Rotten Tomatoes, anti-gay gays and more  ...

Sleepaway-camp-boycultureRonnie was all but a flasher. At least Angela politely made eye contact. (Image via video still)

AMAZON PRIME VIDEO: Dan tursi sleepaway campI'd never seen Sleepaway Camp (1983), so turned it on expecting a dumber Friday the 13th. I was initially titillated by adult actor Dan Tursi all sprawled out on a boat, and thought it would be a little accidentally sexy. I was increasingly flabbergasted by how perverse the film is. It's fun enough on a bad camp level — horrendous acting by some, implausible murders, a cheapness, the funny realization everyone is from the East and is talking like a Dead End Kid. But it's remarkable how thoroughly sexualized the teen actors' bodies are, though the most sexualized are older and clearly of age. Yet, there are bare butts and cut-offs and half-shirts, and counselor Ronnie (an adult and then some) is wearing shorts so revealing they look like the bottom of a leotard. There is a horribly cringey scene in which an admittedly evil cook openly talked about enjoying child molestation (while his co-workers listen passively and seem to laugh it off), and the film has some problems with gay and trans issues. A LOT OF PROBLEMS. I realize things from the past aren't going to have modern values, but I was again reminded why I find it so annoying that people whine that things like this COULD NEVER BE MADE TODAY. For one thing, they shouldn't. I wouldn't want my son pulling his bare ass out in a sexy teen slasher flick, and I would be shocked if all involved had no issues on-set. But also, on the other hand, while this would not be made today ... it still exists and is still readily available. So the argument about wokeism rings hollow. I don't think the film is vile nor that it should not be available, but it's definitely a weird one.

LGBTQ NATION: Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) is as dumb as a box of rocks, claiming his dangerous blockade of appointees to key military positions over his abortion stance came once he heard a non-binary sailor had read a poem mentioning their gay veteran grandfather, who had served in WWII. There's a tradition of poetry on ships, and there's also a tradition of being a bigoted fool in Alabammy ... and beyond, of course.

VULTURE: Rotten Tomatoes is, well, rotting on the vine. Apparently, we have Roger Ebert and his seemingly harmless TVification of film criticism to thank for the wicked brew of payola that is Rotten Tomatoes. I remember when, in its infancy, Rotten Tomatoes used a quote I posted online (where?) saying The Next Best Thing was kind of good. I was shocked it was used. This was before they came up with a perfunctory vetting system, and before I let the film ... settle. Paul Schrader is often wrong, but for what it's worth, he thinks audiences are dumb and studios are cleverly gaming Rotten Tomatoes.

PINK NEWS: The new owner of two LGBTQ establishments in Columbus, Ohio, had been outed as a major GOP donor:

EXTRATV: Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn is 17 and looking very grown up ... and a lot like her mom and dad, both.

HUFF POST: The grand jury in Georgia recommended charges for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), as well as for former Georgia Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, both Republicans, for attempting to interfere with Georgia's presidential election results. DA Fani Willis declined to indict, for reasons known only to her. I trust her work, and have read that charging a sitting senator might make it easier for the case to go federal, and out of her hands. Still, would have been orgasmic hearing of Graham's indictment, even as he brays about how Biden is corrupt.

POLITICO: Elon Musk is suing the state of California for its efforts to command that companies not let communications businesses in their control cascade into out and out insurrectionist and racist and -phobic sewers fill with lies and conspiracy theories and death threats.

DAILY BEAST: Free speech warrior (HA) RFK Jr. tried to bully a DailyKos blogger.

TWITTER: Honestly, Mike Lindell needs to die broke.

PINK NEWS: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) will never be POTUS, but as the governor of a huge state, his actions are toxic enough. He just appointed a Moms for Liberty co-founder to a Florida Commission on Ethics. This is pushing Florida closer to a velvet-gloved Taliban state.

YAHOO! FINANCE: People are gullibly believing a social media trend that says laxatives should be used more freely, leading to a nationwide shortage.

HUFF POST: Coming out as gay made Ian McKellen's life change for the better.

Anigif_longform-original-4048-1439927479-4No one will tell you like a best friend will tell you. (GIF via GIPHY)