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Sep 19 2023
Mark Dalton Speaks! (Spoke) + French Actor On LGBTQ+ Ice-Out In Film Jobs + Angelica Ross Hauls Ryan Murphy To The Carpet + Billy Miller Cause Of Death Confirmed As Suicide + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Ass-butt-booty-boyculture-gay(Image via video still)

ABOVE: I think it speaks for itself. From here. (Some of my fave accounts captured above, in the image.)

BELOW: Keep reading for Billy Miller, Bill Clinton, Mark Dalton and more ...

YOUTUBE: I'm almost at 1 million views for my Q&A with Mark Dalton!

GAY-TENNIS-THIGHS-boycultureSelf-objectification (Image via Instagram)

KENNETH IN THE (212): All the hottest tennis-related pics of the weekend.

VARIETY: Out actor Stephen Fry talks about how his voice was AI-replicated, with no payment, from his work on the Harry Potter audiobooks.

Muriel-robin-gay-france-lesbian-boyculturePeople say, “What if they're just not the right person for the part?” but it is also true to ask, “What if they are — and are deliberately disenfranchised?” (Image via video still)

BARRON'S: A famous French actor is talking more about how LGBTQ performers are not offered roles because of their identities — even queer roles.

POLITICO: Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pennsylvania), kicking up controversy for his casual attire, notes that if he “grabbed the hog” like Boebert, he'd be a folk hero. ENDED.

Angelica-ross-ahs-boycultureShe's righteously indignant. (Image via FOX)

EW: Yikes! Angelica Ross is going scorched-earth on Ryan Murphy, revealing his promised a Black-led AHS ... then ghosted her.

NBC NEWS: Country singer Maren Morris is leaving that genre, citing its right-wing bullshittery.

INDIEWIRE: John Waters wants to host the Oscars!

NBC NEWS: Ray Epps, incorrectly IDed as a fed, has now been charged and will enter a plea deal in relation to his January 6 malfeasance. Meanwhile, he's really sad because righties think he's deep undercover, which has ruined his life.

Just skip to the good parts. (Image via Fun Factory)

FUN FACTORY: Bisexual activist is one of today's best sex writers working, sez Dan Savage.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Andrew Rannells is well-connected.

EXTRATV: Billy Miller died last week after battling manic depression. This is a delicate way of saying suicide, but clearly, suicide. Fans online began pushing back, claiming they knew people close to him, and they were saying it was a stroke after battling PSP. This was parroted by a clickbait site called GeniusCelebs and circulated in soap opera fan forums. It is eerie how quickly very obviously false info spreads, but I found myself schooling people on why GeniusCelebs was not reliable. Flash forward to Sunday, and his own mom felt the need to release a statement confirming it was suicide.

Billy-abbott-billy-millerHe was a dazzler. (GIF via GIPHY)