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Sep 14 2023
Boy Culture Is Cruising Comments (0)

Jock-erotic-novels-gay-shirtless-boyculture(Image via Jock)

Just a little update on where to find me:

BlueSky Social





Instagram also Instagram also Instagram

Boy-culture-generation-x-poster-gay-rettenmund-darryl-stephens-jason-caceres-nude-shirtless-derek-magyar(Image via Dekkoo/Design by Anthony Coombs)

And follow Boy Culture: Generation X HERE!

Also, if you're a gay man with a lot of any of the following to get rid of, I may be interested, as I'm building an archive:

Issues of gay magazines 1980s and earlier (especially local weeklies like David from Florida, Michael's Thing, Where It's At), including porn (Jock, Torso, Honcho, Mandate, Inches, Playguy and other Mavety titles in particular)

Gay ephemera 1980s and earlier (matchbook covers, flyers, invitations)

Gay photography

Gay illustrations

Gay Polaroids

Vintage Madonna, especially 1980s and earlier, only uncommon items like local publications, tickets, flyers (NYC early '80s)

Open to more. I sometimes am in the market to buy things, and am sometimes only interested if it's a donation. But I'm always interested in hearing.

Just putting it out there!