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Sep 21 2023
He's Aware Of The Bulge + THE MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN LIVE FOREVER + Chris Pine Flaunts It + Don't Ask, Don't Tell Me You're Sorry + Book Bannings Take Off + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: That is a may-un.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot model, a gay apologia, book bannings, Madonna as art and more ...

Male-model-shirtless-boycultureI see it, too. (Image via Instagram)

Leonard-matlovich-time-gay-boycultureSOCIALITE LIFE: He is ... well aware.

TIME: “The Man Who Thinks He Can Live Forever” is a great gimmick, but one that will not age as well as he has.

TWITTER: Chris Pine in swim trunks that cover just enough to be hotter than nudity.

LGBTQ NATION: Gay Rep. Mark Takano (D-California) wants a formal apology to the more than 30,000 (!) LGBTQ+ people booted from the U.S. military over the years just for being who they are — or, sadly, were.

THE GUARDIAN: Cassidy Hutchinson says Rudy Giuliani groped her. On January 6! OMG, I can't wait to write his obit.

PEOPLE: I always suspected I would outlive Rupert Murdoch's reign at Fox Corp and News Corp, but I never dreamed we'd be in an era where he and Karl Rove were deemed liberals by the GOP. So who is the new titan? Lachlan Murdoch, 52, who studied ... philosophy, and in particular the work of Kant ... at Princeton. But don't get excited — Lachlan is “far more personally conservative” than his dad.

DAILY BEAST: Nikki Haley, a failed accountant, is bragging that it would be great to have an accountant like her in the White House.

TMZ: Fear not, Caitlyn Jenner was NOT trying to offend Kim Kardashian by noting she is calculated. Has anyone transitioned more successfully into a total bitch than this one? P.S. Kardashian sucks at acting.

POPULAR INFORMATION: Book banners are now going after public libraries — not just worried about kids, after all!

L.A. TIMES: It's insane to me that adults think it's a good idea to force kids to use names they dislike. If your little Virginia wants to be called Vi or Victor or Vee, do it or risk a much worse outcome.

NEWS24: In South Africa, a student lured via Grindr and held for ransom has been freed.

INSTAGRAM: Go follow @madonnasongbook on IG for great images from the big Luigi & Iango exhibition in Milan!

Luigi iango madonna boyculture(Image by Giulio Mazzoleni/@madonnasongbook)