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Sep 16 2023
Muslim City Council Votes Anti-Gay + Corrupt Texan AG Paxton Acquitted + Russell Brand Accused Of Rape + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Who knew Ed Begley's got the goods?! More here.

Shirtless-underarms-abs-muscles-boycultureBonus hotness (Image by Matthew Rettenmund — more here)

BELOW: Keep reading for mayhem in Michigan, Paxton acquitted, Russell Brand accused and more ...

WAPO: The city of Hamtramck, Michigan is at the center of a fight — an all-Muslim city council pointedly banned the display of Pride flags on city property ... during Pride Month.

HUFF POST: Wow — Texan Republicans have let its career-criminal AG, Ken Paxton, skate on impeachment. Never again will there be fair trials involving the GOP. They will always make exceptions for their corruption.

POLITICO: Meanwhile, even a Freedom Caucus Republican is saying the Biden impeachment push is a scam.

THE TIMES U.K.: Russell Brand, an idiot who has rebranded himself as some kind of social critic and provocateur (and who comes off as a charismatic madman) stands credibly accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse in an extensively reported story that he pre-emptively denied. He also claimed anything negative said about him must be legacy media reacting to his passion for truth. Ugh. By the way, one of the women was a 16-year-old girl, and there are texts, yet right-wingers enamored of Brand will never call him a pedo, etc., as they would call you for challenging them on any topic.

BREAKING NEWS: A popular Irish gay bar decided to rebrand as straight in order to cater to freshman students for a week.

EXTRATV: Incredibly, a 41-second fragment from the long-lost 1917 silent epic Cleopatra, starring Theda Bara, were just found in a nondescript eBay lot. The footage is pristine!

Cleopatra-1917-silent-boycultureFritz Leiber and superstar Theda Bara are seen in footage lost since at least 1937. (Video still via Old Films and Stuff)