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Sep 22 2023
Nudity, New Music, Old Habits + Kissing Bad Bunny + I Just Paid $78 To Humiliate David Brooks + Trump, Zelensky, Angela Bassett, Madonna & MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Crystal Waters debuts new track “Dance Dance Dance” 32 years after “Gypsy Woman.”

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot nude scene, Trump's latest self-interested gambit, more music, Bad Bunny's queer kiss and more ...

Felix-kramer-nude-boycultureI have Felix hunger. (Image via OMG.Blog!)

OMG.BLOG!: Felix Kramer is so hot — front and back.

Dixon-dallas-gay-boycultureBoy, howdy! (Image via YouTube)

OUT: If Crystal Waters isn't your bag, try Dixon Dallas crooning about liking it rough.

OUTSPORTS: Hundreds of anti-queer tweets by current NFLers over the years.

BBC: Ryan O'Callaghan, one of the few former NFLers to ever come out as gay, talks about his paranoia that he would be found out.

Cassandro-bad-bunny-gael-garcia-bernal-gay-boycultureGreat movie, and a Bad Bunny kiss! (Image via Amazon)

NBC NEWS: The Amazon Original Cassandro is well worth a watch. Gael Garcia Bernal can do no wrong, and is heartbreakingly real.

EL PAIS: Meet Stefanos Kasselakis, the 35-year-old Greek citizen raised in the U.S. who is a liberal former Goldman Sachs exec and about to lead Greece's leftist party. Yep, he's gay.

AP: White House announces first steps toward erasing medical debt from credit scores.

AOL: That Trump openly wants to defund the government simply to derail his prosecutions ... should be enough.

DAILY BEAST: Right-wing columnist David Brooks has embarrassed himself thoroughly with his claim a meal at Newark Airport cost him $78. Now the actual venue is replying, pointing out 80% of his large bill was ... booze.

NYP: Even the shitbag New York Post thinks McCarthy erred in dissing Zelensky.

TWITTER: Angela Bassett stuns — and most people do not, the phrase is overused — on the carpet at the Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS.

INSTAGRAM: Rocco Ritchie showed up for Luigi & Iango's Milan exhibition, which features 100 photos and a dozen rooms for them, including a Madonna room with custom scents and snippets from her music and interviews: