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Sep 21 2023
Booty Patrol + RIP Erwin Olaf + Is Freddie Gay? + Colton Underwood Is Back + Angelica Ross Gets Some Satisfaction + Soap Stud's Inspiring Cancer Approach + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Do the Carlton!

BELOW: Keep reading for prime ass, outrageous firings, a gay cartoon character and more ...

Shirtless-nicholas-clay-boycultureDead-sexy (Images via video still)

INSTAGRAM: His birth anniversary was this past week, but here is yet another couple of shots of the late, great, sexy Nicholas  Clay.

BLOOMBERG: Catholic school's appeal of bias-suit loss takes a surprise twist.

MEDIAIATE: Project Veritas is DUNZO!

HUFF POST: A Texas teacher is fired for letting students read The Diary of Anne Frank.

Netherland-stamps-erwin-olaf-gay-boycultureSome of his stunning work (Images via PostBeeld)

ABC NEWS: Acclaimed Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf has died at 64.

IOWA CAPITAL DISPATCH: An Iowa fire captain got shit-canned when he took to social media to claim a subordinate was into gay porn.

CNBC: The WGA/SAG strike will reportedly end tomorrow!

4579602-characterart-fred-sdFirst Velma, now Freddie?! (Image via Warner Bros.)

MOVIEWEB: Why people think Fred of Scooby-Doo is gay.

PEOPLE: Colton Underwood is back, and now he's saying he's 75% gay. Gay, but 75% gay.

US WEEKLY: Angelica Ross called out old co-star Emma Roberts for a transphobic comment. People said no way Emma could have said it. Emma ... apologized.

HELP GUIDE: How to mourn the loss of your pet.

GR8ERDAYS: Soap stud is an inspiration for how he is handling not one but TWO cancer diagnoses.

John J York General Hospital ABC Playgirl boyculture gr8erdaysHe's approaching his health challenges as a struggle to overcome. (Images via Playgirl/ABC)