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Sep 23 2023
WINNING Behinds + Menendez Resists Calls To Resign + Little Kids Stomp Pride Flags For Cheering Mob + Gay Singer Disinvited From Local Music Fest + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Mark's butt, tho.

BELOW: Keep reading for more butts (you're welcome), the Menendez scandal (the new one), Biden to Michigan and more ...

Austin-aaron-nude-ass-butt-booty-jockstrap-winning-time-boyculture-gayVintage jocks are a nice touch. (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: The butts on Winning Time are definitely winners.

Anti-gay-children-boycultureThe kids are not all right. (Image via video still)

TWITTER: This is absolutely wild — tots stomping Pride flags. The GROOMING of it all.

DAILY BEAST: Andrew Haigh's (Weekend) queer drama All of Us Strangers might be Andrew Scott's ticket to ... Oscar consideration?.

EW: In Buttfuck, Kentucky, local board members decided a gay man singing was a bridge too far.

WAPO: Eric Johnson was just re-elected Mayor of Dallas in May as a Democrat, but he is switching parties. Anyone who switches in the direction of the right in the age of Trump is a total villain, but maybe he has a great reason ... oh, virtue-signaling? This bastard got paid.

Gay-mag-boyculture-btlKENNETH IN THE (212): LGBTQ+ mags of the week.

HUFF POST: Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez has again been indicted, and the facts of his bribery charges are pretty damning, involving his possession of cash and ... gold bars. I can't imagine him surviving this. He should resign immediately. It actually almost sounds like his wife became his wife in order to facilitate the graft. He is pretending it's because he is ... Latino. NJ's Gov. Murphy calls on him to step down.

AXIOS: ... now, do Clarence Thomas!

MEIDAS TOUCH: In what will be a history-making moment, a sitting POTUS — that would be Biden — will join autoworkers on their strike line Tuesday.

TWITTER: Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift persuaded 35,000 people to register to vote this week, the vast majority of them very young.

Getting-in-flyers-boyculture-gayGetting it on (Image via Getting In)

GR8ERDAYS: Club flyers GALORE!

CHELSEA TABLE & STAGE: If you've never caught Mark MacKillop live, you can now catch him Live & Un-Photoshopped right here in NYC!

Mark-mackillop-shirtless-live-unphotoshopped-boyculture-gay(Image via Mark MacKillop)