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Sep 17 2023
Billy Miller Dies # 43 + Mayor Pete Pushes Through + Jann Wenner Jettisoned + THE SIXTH REEL & DICKS: THE MUSICAL Movement + Hottest Model Ever? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hirsute, hirsute his, three's company, too!

BELOW: Keep reading for soap star succumbs to depression, Mayor Pete pushes through, Dicks delay and more ...

Billy-abbott-billy-millerHis death came out of nowhere. (GIF via GIPHY)

Iron-man-pete-buttigieg-boycultureEXTRATV: Adorable — and Emmy-winning — soap actor Billy Miller died last week at 43. Sounds like suicide.

NYT: Heart of Brick review — “Finding Love in Black Clubs.”

TWITTER: Mayor Pete is an Iron Man Triathlon veteran now!

HUFF POST: It's so insane that someone as smart as Jann Wenner, a Baby Boomer and supposed uber liberal, would give a no-mistaking-it racist and misogynist interview about how Black and women artists were not articulate enough to talk about rock for a book project. Rock was born from Black music, for fuck's sake ... and women have been an integral part of it, from the time they were allowed.

TWITTER: In Ohio, cops arrived at the home of an 11-year-old girl who had been tricked into sending nudes by a creep ... and the female officer blithely threatened to arrest the child for creation of child pornography. (This is a real thing, a real flaw in the law, but for her to go this route with the dad is insane.)

EXTRATV: Russell Brand credibly accused of rape, sexual abuse and other abuse. Dropped by management company. Whines that it's the ESTABLISHMENT coming for him. (He fucked a 16-year-old. There are texts.)

INSTAGRAM: Famous misogynist pig Drake asked Halle Berry if he could use a suggestive image of her covered in green slime from the Kids' Choice Awards as his single cover. She declined. He used it anyway. Now, his defenders are pointing out it belongs to Getty Images. It belongs to them only for editorial. She could easily sue him and win, and I hope she does.

WOLFE VIDEO: I saw The Sixth Reel at Outfest and was thoroughly entertained!

Dicks-the-musical-megan-thee-stallion-boyculture-gayMegan Thee Stallion is amidst all the Dicks. (Image via A24)

DEADLINE: Dicks: The Musical is coming October 6 (instead of September 29). The TIFF reaction to the film was orgiastic.

PEOPLE: Drew Barrymore, feeling the heat for her clueless decision to keep her fluffy talk show in production during the WGA-SAG strike, doubled-down on that decision ... but has now seen the light. You don't break strikes, Drew. Moving on.

INSTAGRAM: I find this so mesmerizing ...

SOCIALITE LIFE: Just ridiculous.