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Sep 30 2023
Karl Walcott's Butt + SOULESS MONSTER Sentenced In Sydney + NYC Mayor Fumbles + Patrick McMullan's Beautiful Pre-AIDS Images + Oliver Hudson Stoops To Conquer + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Vintage hot piece.

BELOW: Keep reading for sexy guys, an incompetent mayor, a Tupac arrest and more ...

Butt-boyculture-gay-Apres-le-Deluge-S01E04.mkv_20230929_203413.354He means business. (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Karl Walcott's butt, though. Bonus ... Oliver Hudson's butt, too:

Olivier-hudson-ass-butt-booty-nude-male-nudity-shirtless-gayHis video shows a peek at his junk, too. (Image via video still)

9.COMAU: Stanley Bruce Early, who killed a gay man in the '80s in Sydney, is described as a “soulless monster.”

INDEPENDENT: More on the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein's history with the LGBTQ+ community. She was cautious at times, but it was always clear she valued us.

Joseph-c-roberts-murder-boycultureKiller smile (Image via official portrait)

SF STANDARD: A Republican delegate from San Francisco who was a self-styled advocate for men supposedly falsely accused of sexual misconduct now stands credibly accused of murdering his fiancé. Her body was found with no head, hands or feet. Charming guy. Everything Republicans do seem to wind up being confessions.

i-D: Patrick McMullan's images of friends pre-AIDS are stunning.

THE CITY: NYC's asshole Mayor Eric Adams is being called out for his nonresponse to the historic rains that flooded the area today. School, as one example, wasn't canceled.

Jan-eyck-boyculture-gay-Schwarzenegger 1What was she thinking?! (Images via Tomorrow's Man)

FANDOM WIRE: Arnold Schwarzenegger's obsession with male bodybuilders led his mom to believe he was gay.

EXTRATV: A man suspected of murdering Tupac Shakur is in custody. A few decades later.

QUEERTY: All the juiciest LGBTQ+ trailers that dropped in September, including Birder (in which the cast is beyond naked).

LGBTQ NATION: Trans homecoming queen WILL NOT return the crown, babe!

SOCIALITE LIFE: Jesus, this model ...

Male-model-sexy-shirtless-boycultureFelt cute, won't delete later. (Image via selfie)

ADONIS: Michael Boston is making his debut at the Adonis nude party Saturday (tonight). It's $100 to get in, but no word on how much to get into Michael! (You PayPal Dayna $100 here to reserve your spot. I used to go and they're so fun — the guys are nude, you're not, the dancing is dirty. The place is legit. Details:

If you're new to this world, here is what this event looks like: The Adonis ALL-NUDE party is a once per month private event held at a private off-site location that we've been hosting in NYC for 12 years, ALWAYS the last Saturday of each month. 20+ dancers, private models, and porn stars walk around and mingle fully nude and are all available for lapdances in a spacious lapdance room. We also have private champagne rooms. The customers are NOT nudeONLY dancers. This is truly a one of a kind event with nothing like it existing in the country. Pre-registration is required to attend and only those who sign up receive the full email lineup with pictures of the boys, though we will leak a few previews as the week progresses.  YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL - YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL - YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL - YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL!!!!