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Sep 09 2023
Kutcher & Kunis Sorry For Offense After Masterson Support + Etheridge to Broadway + Flashback To Madonna's AIDS Warrior Years + Giving Trump The Finger + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Gay-boyculture-adelanteHow does your garden grow? (Image via Adelante)

ABOVE: Mags of the week.

BELOW: Keep reading for a nonapology, Madonna at her most glittering and giving, a disaster in Morocco and more ...

EXTRATV: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are apologizing for hurt caused by character letters they wrote on behalf of their longtime friend Danny Masterson, who had been convicted of two rapes in a trial that came after a previous trail resulted in a deadlocked jury. There is considerable public outrage over the couple agreeing to write the letters (Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith of That '70s Show also wrote letters, as did Masterson's wife Bijou Phillips and their brother-in-law Billy Baldwin, among 40-plus others), but I don't fully agree. I think it seems clear Masterson is guilty, but when someone you love has done wrong and you're asked to write a letter to a judge that would NOT lead to them going unpunished, but only possibly help make a difference of 15-to-life vs. 30-to-life, I don't think it is outrageous to agree to do it. If they go on record stating they think the women are liars, that is a different conversation. At any rate, all the people urging the judge to consider giving Masterson less than 30 years are being roasted. People loathe stars these days.

MELISSAETHERIDGE.COM: Melissa Etheridge is coming to Broadway for a limited time.

HUFF POST: Over 2,000 people were killed and ancient buildings severely damaged as a rare quake hit Morocco, the worst in 120 years.

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW ME THERE): A flashback to Madonna being honored for her AIDS activism by amfAR in 1991. Surreal to hear Elizabeth Taylor saluting her.

MEIDAS TOUCH: I got to do this to John McCain once, and thinking back's bizarre I despised him so much before realizing how much worse it could get!!!

INSTAGRAM (FOLLOW ME THERE): My original art for a (fake) cologne from Making of a Male Model. I like Jon-Erik Hexum a LOT. 

Jon-erik-hexum-shirtless-boyculture-making-male-modelI can smell this. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)