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Sep 04 2023
Model Reveals Ball + Gay Podcaster Whines That LGBTQ Activists Are As Bad As Homophobes + Smash Mouth Singer Dies + Lea Michele Ends FUNNY GIRL With A (Fresh) Song + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Congrats, this photo would definitely have gotten me to watch this movie in 1961.

BONUS vintage pic, from the collection of Peter Miller in New York:

BELOW: Keep reading for a sexy model, Elon Musk's excuse, a right-wing gay who wonders why we can't all just get along and more ...

Josh-watson-nude-boyculture-gayHe raises 2 good points. (Image via selfie)

OMG.BLOG!: Model Josh Watson shows all, including a rare balls-only X pic.

NYT: Right-wing gay commentator Brad Polumbo thinks both sides of the LGBTQ issue overreach, because of course that is what gay Republicans think — no matter that his side wants to completely strip us of rights, and the other side completely wants freedom for LGBTQ people, to gay Republicans, BOTH SIDES are too extreme.

PINK NEWS: So Elon Musk reportedly claims his soured relationship with his trans daughter Vivian is due to her private school-induced descent into communism. His entire anti-woke transformation may be due to this schism, meaning the death of the Twitter we all used to love can be chalked up to one seriously mentally ill, narcissistic transphobe being mad at his progeny.

Gay-hairy-hot-spots-boycultureHard at — you know where this is going. (Image via Hot Spots!)

KENNETH IN THE (212): All the week's hottest LGBTQ pubs.

EXTRATV: Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell dies at 56, immediately after entering hospice care for liver failure.

YOUTUBE: Lea Michele and Funny Girl have ended their run, and Michele treated her closing-night audience to a song that was inexplicably left out of the show “My Man”: