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Sep 13 2023
Nell Carter Remembered: The GIMME A BREAK Star Never Seemed To Get Enough Of Them Comments (0)

Nell-carter-queer-gay-lesbian-boycultureBroadway baby (Image via NBC)

Nell Carter was so lovable and indelible, it's still shocking to me she died over 20 years ago at just 54.

Today, she'd be 75, and there's no telling what she may have accomplished.

I see her as a latter-day Judy Garland — horrible childhood, gave birth after rape, poverty, some good show-biz successes, but a continuing avalanche of personal heartache.

Though married twice to men, when she died, she had been with a woman for over 15 years. (Remember Gimme a Break!'s gay episode?)

Here, a happier memory of one tough lady:


Always Sissy That Walk Like Nell Carter Did on "Night of 100 Stars" (1982)

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