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Sep 18 2023
Top-Bottom-Vers Debate + You Are Entering Man's Country + Trump Coddled By Media Eager For Drama + Yoel Roth On Trump/Musk's Smear Campaign + Coming Out @ 60 + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Gay-photo-postcard-1920s-boyculture(Images via Peter Miller collection/New York)

ABOVE: This 1928 real-photo postcard screams gay — “Typical Butterly Photo,” it says, and “Don't Touch My Lips That I Just Painted.” If anyone can translate it all, I'm all ears.

BELOW: All about tops/bottoms/verses, Trump chugs along toward fascism, you are now entering Man's Country and more ...

INSTAGRAM: Bolu Okupe will school you on top vs. bottom vs. vers.

Keehnen-man's country-boycultureKeehnen is a dogged pursuer of our gay past. (Image via Amazon)

AMAZON: Don't miss Man's Country: More Than a Bathhouse by Owen Keehnen!

Trump-anti-semitic-boycultureThat there are swaths of people who want to re-elect his monster is beyond depressing. (Image via Truth Social)

MEDIAITE: Trump trashes liberal Jews in honor of Jewish New Year. Anderson Cooper is still having to defend that CNN Trump town hall.

Divine-divine-dragGive it up! (GIF via GIPHY)

EW: John Waters wants release of Divine unmentionables, except he's mentioning them!

NYT: Yoel Roth, gay former head of trust and safety at Twitter, speaks out in a new op-ed about the coordinated efforts by Trump and Musk to destroy him.

JOE.MY.GOD.: (Fake) LGBTQ+ books torched by flamethrower in modern-day book-burning. Missouri ... is gonna ... Missouri.

HUFF POST: Democrat Jennifer Wexton of Virginia must retire following diagnosis of PSP.

Stallone-gr8erdaysThe doc performs a lift, but stumbles. (Image via Instagram)

GR8ERDAYS: Sylvester Stallone stops short of full disclosure in new doc.

THE GUARDIAN: A closeted gay man came out publicly at 60 after his husband's dementia put life into perspective.

BLOOMBERG: Former gay bathhouse in San Francisco is now a luxury mansion listed for $4.8M.

THE GUARDIAN: We have seen a LOT of theater-people parodies, but Theater Camp is definitively hilarious, IMO.

INSTAGRAM: Greta Garbo, once the most famous woman on the planet and now probably unknown to most, was born 118 years ago today. When she was turning 80 — not that old by 2023 standards — she was 30+ years reclusive, and the media were still clamoring to frame her as hetero:

Greta-garbo-boycultureI was way into wayback information as a kid. (Image via The Flint Journal)