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Oct 17 2023
Ben Whishaw Tops Franz Rogowski In PASSAGES Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man:

Get ready for Ben Whishaw sticking in dick in Franz Rogowski as Franz sticks his finger in Ben’s hole. Spoiler alert! The gay erotic drama Passages stirred up controversy before it was even released, which is a great sign for those of us who enjoy the saucier side of cinema. The Motion Picture Association threw down the hammer by giving Passages an NC-17 rating. The film's director Ira Sachs called this:

“... a form of cultural censorship that is quite dangerous, particularly in a culture which is already battling, in such extreme ways, the possibility of LGBT imagery to exist.”

Sachs and his team made the move to forgo a rating entirely. While we are disappointed that the MPAA found the need to stamp Passages with an NC-17 rating, we do wonder if the buzz helped the movie in the long run. Sex sells, honey!

So what is Passages about? Ben Whishaw plays one half of a gay couple opposite Franz Rogowski. Franz has wondering eyes, and falls for a woman played by Blue Is the Warmest Color actress Adèle Exarchopoulos.

Instead of breaking things off after finding out about the affair, Whishaw begrudgingly continues his relationship with Rogowski. However, Rogowski falls deeper and deeper in love with Exarchopoulos, leaving space for Whishaw to fall for the studly Erwan Kepoa Falé.

Despite all of the controversy, Passages only features one intense sex scene. And it is incredible — Ben Whishaw rolls on top of Franz Rogowski to stick his dick in him. Rogowski's feet are wrapped around Whishaw as Whishaw thrusts himself deeper and deeper into Rogowski's hairy hole. This missionary sex scene gives us a great look at Whishaw's perfect, hairy ass. The gay sex scene lasts for over two hole minutes, and is bound to go down as one of the best gay sex scenes in mainstream movie history.

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