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Oct 04 2023
BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X — Coming November 7! Comments (0)

It's been a long journey from Milan to Minsk, but Boy Culture: Generation X is coming to YouTube, Amazon U.S./U.K., Roku, Apple, Google, Samsung and more — NOVEMBER 7.

One benefit of a project taking a while to come out is you're so fucking ready, you're not really on pins and needles about reception. But I'm very proud of this, and I hope everyone who sees it will laugh, be touched and/or feel aroused in all the right places.

The scoop:

Seventeen years after the first film, Derek Magyar and Darryl Stephens are back as X and Andrew, and Jason Caceres joins as precocious Chayce. With a Y.

What I love about the new piece is it's got more issues to chew on, yet the performances drive it. Derek is still that James Dean lead, but gets to play a James Dean who has lived past young buckdom. Darryl is a wonderfully rich presence as Andrew, the voice of reason who just wants a normal life and relationship, but has chosen in X a highly complicated romeo.

Jason is hilarious as Chayce! His timing is impeccable!

Add to the big three a winning and revealing performance by Steve Grand, a tour de force by Ralph Cole Jr. that swings from broadly funny to moving, an all-in Doug Spearman and — because it's called Boy Culture but that isn't a requirement — a fabulous contribution by Dalila Ali Rajah.

I will remind you on November 7!