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Oct 19 2023
SENSE8 Star In Love + RIP Dwight Twilley + Apprehend The Kraken! + Trump Dissed Melania To A Romney + Kraken Crackpot Pleads GUILTY To Rico Charges + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Colman-domingo-rustin-gay-boycultureBar none — a queer space where prying eyes can do no harm (Image via Netflix)

ABOVE: Rustin's trailer is down below.

BELOW: Keep reading for shirtless lovebird, RIP Dwight Twilley, apprehend the Kraken and more ...

PINK NEWS: Sense8 star Brian J. Smith has found the love of his life.

INSTAGRAM: Tulsa rocker Dwight Twilley unexpectedly died at 72 Wednesday. I loved his 1984 hit “Girls.” Not only is it a bitchin' track, but it had a raunchy music video inspired by Porky's that included female and nudity. I recall having to struggle to catch it on the Playboy Channel because MTV didn't allow boobs and male ass:

HUFF POST: Maybe, just maybe, Biden isn't feeble and bumbling.

HUFF POST: Trump apparently used to brag about what would happen when he dropped Melania. Rich men really can be such hogs.

BUSINESS INSIDER: Gotta love how this will roil the “Deep State!” dullards — Peter Thiel was an FBI informant. Gee, you really can't trust those darn gays.

POLITICO: Sidney Powell, the Kraken lady lawyer, has pleaded GUILTY to Georgia Rico charges.

INSTAGRAM: What can you say about October 19, a day with birthdays including Divine, LaWanda Page and Jennifer Holliday?!

Jeff Hiller Murray Hill Lambda Legal LGBTQ boycultureJeff Hill & Murray Hill were the lives of the NYC party in honor of Lambda Legal! (Image via Lambda Legal)

WHAT'S LAMBDA LEGAL?: On October 18, Lambda Legal celebrated its 50th anniversary with bicoastal events.

DavidMills_PHOTOCREDIT-Karla GowlettMills, brother (Image courtesy of Kara Gowlett)

TICKETS: David Mills' comedy-cabaret act glamour + despair will now play Pangea (178 2nd Ave., NYC) November 3 and November 18.

GR8ERDAYS: RIP to Burt Young, 83. Forever Rocky's Paulie. But also, he was so handsome as a real-life boxer in the '50s!

INSTAGRAM: Legendary Marc Almond reviews Madonna's Celebration Tour. P.S.(B.) — Pet Shop Boys also loved it.

OMG.BLOG!: Timothée Chalamet breaks his silence on Armie Hammer.

Rustin, featuring a magnetic performance by Colman Domingo, is coming to Netflix November 17 (and select theaters November 3):