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Oct 02 2023
Tom Daley's Pit Selfie + How Religious Folks Are Coming Around On Same-Sex Marriage + Piazenza Sentenced + Why Isn't Meta Against Gays Against Groomers? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hot, and he uses real film!

BONUS PIC: A lesbocious image from circa 1900-1910:

Vintage-lesbian-boyculture(Image via the collection of Peter Miller of New York)

BELOW: Keep reading for Tom Daley's pits, Marjorie Taylor Greene's blind boyfriend, McCarthy on the ropes and much more ...

Tom-daley-underarms-shirtless-gay-boycultureTom Daley always knows his angles. (Image via Instagram)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Just a visual smorgasbord of hot boys on social media.

TWITTER: How various religions feel about same-sex marriage — looks like unaffiliated and Jewish religious types are the most positive, and the only groups mostly against are white Evangelicals, Hispanic Protestants (Catholics are way into it) and Jehovah's Witnesses. We even have HALF of all Mormons signing off on it.

A.M. NEW YORK: Lauren Piazenza, the rich bitch who FOR NO REASON AT ALL shoved 87-year-old vocal coach Barbara Maier Gustern to her death on a Manhattan street, had entered into a plea deal to serve eight years, but wound up being sentenced to eight years and six months; her judge did not believe Piazenza, who attempted to flee justice but has been incarcerated for a year while awaiting sentencing, was sincerely sorry for her actions. I hope Gustern's family sues the FUCK out of the Piazenzas.

LGBTQ NATION: Why the fuck is Gays Against Groomers allowed to spread disinfo on Meta ... even while clearly breaking the platforms notoriously nebulous rules?

RAW STORY: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's boyfriend — RSBN host Brian Glenn — actually said, out loud, that liberal women are ugly and ... look like men.

HUFF POST: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) wants to oust Speaker of the House Kevin McCarty. Lotsa luck!

ARKANSAS ADVOCATE: Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-Arkansas) is in hot water over a $19,000 (!!!) podium that seems to have been inappropriately purchased.

QUEERTY: Is Heartstopper almost too heartbreaking to watch?

EXTRATV: Len Goodman's cause of death revealed.

THE WRAP: Chrishell Stause and Jenna Dewan to star in lesbian thriller.

PEOPLE: Tom Holland's brothers look like AI versions of him!

THE MESSENGER: Gay dads opened a small business in a Texas town ... and were sprayed with sewage.

Gary-chad-gay-dads-boycultureGary, Chad & their son Image via Gary Garcia & Chad Pritchett)