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Oct 31 2023
Filthy Stompers Auction At Circus Of Books + Jonathan Bailey On FELLOW TRAVELERS Sex Scenes + Why Help Mary Lou Retton? + LUscious Harry Hamlin + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Butt-booty-sagging-boyculture-gay(Image via Facebook)

ABOVE: A group of teachers dressed up and acted like students to humorously point out common rules violations. And, uh, the guy illustrating “pull your pants up” ... just sayin'.

BELOW: Keep reading for the dirtiest auction ever, the naked truth about Fellow Travelers and more ...

Gay-art-boyculture-Stompers 2(Image by Blade/courtesy of Stompers)

CIRCUS OF BOOKS: The Stompers NYC Gallery's Louis Weingarden Collection is on display for the first time since 1989 at Circus of Books (8230 Santa Monica Blvd., W. Hollywood, CA) from November 1-December 15. Weingarden's legendary gallery Stompers (which was the back-end of a used-boot shop) lasted from 1978-1989, and was a prime spot for artists like Tom of Finland and Rex. This material will also be up for auction December 1-15. Original drawings, signed prints, posters and more — come git it!

TELEGRAPH: Jonathan Bailey says of his new series with Matt Bomer, Fellow Travelers:

I haven't really seen gay intimacy on screen in a way that I would want.

The series is being praised for its scrupulous attention to detail, including recreating a Lavender Scare-era queer bar.

Drag-gay-boyculturePOLITICO: Biden Administration attacks the growing AI threat in 111-page list of priorities.

TWITTER: I laffed.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Brian Sims is engaged.

HUFF POST: Speaker Johnson's wife had a site that compared being gay to bestiality and incest. She has taken it down. Johnson also has lots of questions to answer regarding a Black teenage boy he purports to have adopted. First it was adopted, then fostered, then just informally taken in. He was all of 25 when he began mentoring the 14-year-old. Now, the, er, son prefers to remain low-profile.

PINK NEWS: Johannesburg Pride marches for LGBTQ+ Ugandans.

THE UNIVERSITY RECORD: The first gay elected official in the country was a senior in college at the University of Michigan, Kathy Kozachenko, who won a seat on the Ann Arbor City Council 49-1/2 years ago. She's still with us, and will be honored with a statue in 2024.

MERCURY NEWS: I had no idea Mary Lou Retton was a dirty Trumper. She is currently barely recovered from a disastrous health battle with a rare type of pneumonia, but her family's had to beg for assistance. Why? Because Retton, anti-Obamacare, chose not to pay for healthcare. I don't understand why anyone is helping, but her biggest donor is a right-wing mattress king. Not that one.

EXTRATV: The surviving Friends cast members have spoken out about Matthew Perry's untimely death.

INSTAGRAM: Harry Hamlin was always a dream.

KENNETH IN THE (212): John Millman's thighs, and other tennis things.

John-millman-thighs-boyculture-shirts-gayDog/Daddy! (Image via Instagram)