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Oct 30 2023
Halloween Costume Gallery: Hot, Funny, Clever & Bizarre Comments (0)

CatDomenick Wissel's Meow-io & Luigi (Image via Twitter)

I saw a lot of fun costumes in the NYC streets this year, including some clever and some revealing. Same goes for online. You?

Tamron-hall-dorothy-wiz-halloween-costume-jeff-neira-abc-boycultureTamron Hall's look Wiz the greatest! (Image via Jeff Neira/ABC)

Milly Shapiro from Hereditary just can't quit characters who lose their heads:

@millyshaparoni Im literally about to loose my head #halloweekend2023 #marieantoinette ♬ original sound - 🎀🎀

Check out these few dozen I especially liked — for one reason or another:

Markozzie and anthonycotillard(Image via Instagram)

Above: A two-fer! Below: Keke Palmer went all out:

Keke palmer(Image via Instagram)

Below: Dan Crowley & Seamus McGuire are in A League of Their Own:

Dan Crowley and Seamus McGuire(Image via Instagram)

Ansel-elgort-halloween-boyculture(Image via Instagram)

Above: Ansel Elgort must be an an-n-n-gel.

David ortega(Image via Instagram)

Above: David Ortega's Captain America proves that gay men are joining straight women in seeing Halloween as the time to go as a slutty fill-in-the-blank. Below: Kurt Fleagle and Warren Riffie determine What We Do in the Shadows:

Kurt fleagle warren riffie(Image via Instagram)

Below: Lyndsey Parker takes a HEALTHY approach to Madonna:

Lynd copy(Image via Instagram)

Jonnysibilly(Image via Instagram)

Above: Jonny Sibilly is ready to scrimmage, and shows real hustle. Meanwhile, @man_the_samm on IG decided to go with scary-hot:

Man_the_samm(Image via Instagram)

Margaret cho(Image via Instagram)

Above: Margaret Cho did Bjork at the Oscars, but I think the person below might've won the night:

Untitledqueenbk(Image TikTok)

Below: L.A.'s famous L.A. Philharmonic mural brought to life!

La's philharmonic mural(Image via Instagram)

Davidperre(Image via Instagram)

Above: David Perre lays it all out there in black-and-white. Below: Michael Haun is captured in all his glory by @shauntheshooter:

Michael haun by shauntheshooter(Image by Shaun the Shooter)

Jay engel and pal (Image via Facebook)

Above: I love my friend Jay Engel's fuzz-dorable Oscar the Grouch. Below: Julie Klausner gave a shout-out to @phawkesy for reviving Patches from Difficult People:

Phawkesy patches difficult people(Image via Instagram)

Alex zarlengo(Image via Instagram)

Above: Dancer Alex Zarlengo took a dead-romantic approach. Below: Brian Reiser looks Tron-tastic:

Brian reiser(Image via Instagram)

Chrtucci(Image via Instagram)

Above: House music all night long via @chrtucci. Below: @dennysf415 shared this gulp-er:

Dennysf415(Image via Instagram)

Below: Kit Williamson and John Halbach just can't quit each other:

Kit williamson and john halbach(Image via Instagram)

Nath_wyld(Image via Instagram)

Above: Jack o' buddy. Below: The world-famous Peachy glitters and gives back:

Peachy(Image via Instagram)

Below: Kate Beckinsale went not as Anna Nicole Smith, but as J. Howard Marshall:

Kate beckinsale(Image via Instagram)

Exclusive_brex3(Image via Instagram)

Above: Leave it to @exclusive_brex3 to conjure up Madonna — as if for the very first time. Below: Joshua Betz actually always dresses like this:

Joshua betz(Image via Instagram)

Below: The Zakar Twins are apparently into Troye Sivan:

Zakar twins(Image via Instagram)

Hotfer93(Image via Instagram)

Above: @hotfer93 pulls off this look. Almost entirely! Below: Matt Rogers, the nicest guy you've ever Met:

Matt rogers(Image via Instagram)

Sam asghari(Image via Instagram)

Above: Just in case you're still allowed to look at Sam Asghari. Below: Because you're definitely allowed to look at Locky Brownlie:

Locky brownlie(Image via Instagram)

Below: Marc Malkin pays tribute to the late, great Lisa Loring. Or is he paying tribute to Christina Ricci? Or Jenna Ortega:

Marc malkin(Image via Instagram)

Below: My buddy Mark MacKillop hops to it:

Mark mackillop(Image via Instagram)

Below: @regoolas was feeling blue:

Regoolas(Image via Instagram)

Jett wayne(Image via Instagram)

Above & below: More super Supermen via Jett Wayne & @oscar_alonso1111:

Oscar_alonso1111(Image via Instagram)

Rick_and_griff(Image via Instagram)

Above: My second-fave thing after Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to find in my Halloween sack! Below: @offtaylorgray shared this ring-light-powered holy revelation:

Shared by offtaylorgray(Image via Twitter)

Below: Former teen queen Victoria Justice did Cher!

Victoria justice(Image via video still/Instagram)

Sillyfroot(Image via Instagram)

Above: I could eat. Below: My pal Shaun and his hubby are good and bad Gremlins!

Stereoshaun(Image via Instagram)

Below: The Jock and Bear bare all:

The jock and bear(Image via Instagram)

Stephen mulligan sister mary merlot (Image via Instagram)

Above: Stephen Mulligan and Sister Mary Merlot. You have to be the right age to recognize his costume. Below: And finally, @thefrancesoshow's off his legs:

The francesco show(Image via Instagram)

That's a wrap!


I went to the club like this


And finally, from @barttch — who really means it:

6a00d8341c2ca253ef02c8d39d5b4a200c-800wiHe gives out Whoppers. (Image via Instagram)