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Oct 03 2023
Towel Boy + The Shocking Murder Of Josh Kruger + Biden Announces Medicare Breakthrough + Sarah Huckabee Sanders: $19K Fraud? + Gaetz vs. McCarthy In The World Series Of Hate + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Crazy-marburg-5g-zombie-boycultureI'm down. (Image via Twitter)

ABOVE: You. Have. Been. Warned.

BELOW: A model whose towel needs to go, the shocking murder of a gay journalist and activist, Biden's good news on healthcare prices and more ...

Muscles-guys-shirtless-boyculture-pubes-nudeI wish he'd throw in the towel. Or throw it out. (Image via Instagram)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Male models galore.

Josh-kruger-gay-boycultureADVOCATE: Tragically, gay journalist Josh Kruger was shot to death in his Philadelphia home this week. His murder — he was shot seven times — has been elevated to a snarky meme by right-wingers, who have pointed out that Kruger frequently mocked concerns about rising violence in Philadelphia, and even sparred on Twitter with Dilbert's douchebag creator, who claimed that electing Biden would mean we'd likely all be dead in two years. But what is bizarre is how people sympathetic and those opportunistically happy over Kruger's demise seem to be pretending they have a clue what really happened. The suggestion is he was the victim of random violence in the city, but considering he was shot so many times, it honestly feels much more personal — or like a vendetta. It doesn't really seem like what usually happens in a push-in robbery, for example. Whatever the outcome, he was a fierce advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and for the unhoused, among many others.

INSTAGRAM: Amazing news from the Biden Administration on Medicare and the lowering of drug costs.

MEDIAITE: I think it's a foregone conclusion that RFK Jr. will run as an Independent to be a spoiler. I think it's ludicrous to assume it will mostly help Biden.

KARK: Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) purchased a podium for $19K. Or did she sent her friend to France and lie about it, illegally?

AP NEWS: U.S. officials are proposing a cheap morning-after solution to combatting STIs. Seems very sensible.

INSTAGRAM: Today's b'days include always modest Lindsey Buckingham.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Meryl Streep, Billy Porter, Wilson Cruz and Victor Garber are speaking out against the wave of book bans.

HUFF POST: P.S. Gaetz had mentioned Trump as Speaker of the House.

INSTAGRAM: I'll never embrace a Christmas album by anyone. But here is Cher!

George-michael-ornament-boyculture-gayLooks like Ringo Starr battling skin cancer. (Image via Furbish)

FURBISH STUDIO: Speaking of which ... this is supposedly George Michael.

VARIETY: I remain on Twitter — NOT X — in the hope that one day it will be freed from Elon Musk, and because it is a hugely important way to get information (sometimes false) quickly. I do not pay Musk. Meanwhile, Paris Hilton, who people — many of them gay — have been trying to say deserves an apology for her mistreatment in the popular culture is now aligning herself with Musk in a business arrangement. Previously, she said she voted for Trump (before later claiming NOT to have.) Previously, she was caught on video using the N-word repeatedly. I do not understand the fascination with and steady drumbeat of apologies for someone who is clearly not a good person. I don't get Paris Hilton. Also, ugh:

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