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Oct 28 2023
Jason Caceres On Playing Chayce In BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X + New Speaker's Wife Is As Anti-Gay As He Is + Family Of Slain Gay Journalist Alleges Underage Sex Led To Murder + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Dylan McDermott has the face and the body. Forever.

BELOW: ...

Chayceing-His-Dreams-HEADERA star is born! (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

IN MAGAZINE: Jason Caceres, one of the stars of Boy Culture: Generation X (coming to Amazon U.S./U.K., Roku, YouTube, Google, Apple, Samsung, etc. on November 7) opens up to In Magazine, saying of his character Chayce:

I enjoy his wild, confident, sexy side. It’s actually something I somewhat envy. He could not care less what others think of him and he is going to live his life his way. To me, that’s very admirable. He does have brat like tendencies but, if you take a look at the character as a whole, and dissect his actions, he’s extremely vulnerable and welcoming. The way he attaches himself to X and agrees to take him under his wing is very telling of his psyche. If he were truly, unequivocally, a brat, he would waste zero time with someone like X.   

HUFF POST: New Speaker of the House Mike Johnson's wife (who was absent when he got his new job) runs a counseling service that compares homosexuality to bestiality and incest.

WASHINGTON BLADE: Robert Davis, who knew gay journalist Josh Kruger, has been charged with his murder, poking a hole in the right-wing snark about Kruger supposedly having been killed thanks to Philadelphia lawlessness. Davis's family is claiming he was in a sexual relationship with Kruger since he was 15, but we will have to wait and see what evidence backs that up, or whether it's a self-serving excuse.

PEOPLE: Maine shooting suspect found dead. Eighteen dead bodies and 13 injuries later.

OMG.BLOG!: There's a butt on the play.

EURONEWS: Austria is set to compensate gay men prosecuted under unfair laws.

OUT: Christian Karlsson spills on working with Britney, Madonna and more.

Gay scream queen mark patton boyculture(Image via DVD cover)

AUTOSTRADDLE: Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge had gay subtext — but was it intentional? It definitely messed with real-life gay lead Mark Patton's life. Autostraddle summarizes the semi-recent Scream, Queen! featuring Patton.

PAPER: Cher graces the return of Paper.

GR8ERDAYS: RIP Richard Moll, 80, the charming Bull Shannon from Night Court.

SAN ANTONIO REPORT: San Antonio, Texas, has a gay strip that is seeking a heritage-district designation.

NEW YORKER: Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer star in Fellow Travelers, about two gay men who meet during the Lavender Scare. It also has “jaw-droppingly graphic sex scenes.”

Fellow-travelers-gay-boycultureLike gay people in history (Image via Showtime)