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Oct 26 2023
Tim Sheridan On Anti-Queer Harassment Over GREEN LANTERN + Multiple Mass Shootings In Maine + Cheyenne Jackson's Raunchy Tribute To Leslie Jordan + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

394633973_822832043175655_7339294577315333268_n(Image via Instagram)

ABOVE: I originally embedded a fuller image of this guy using IG, but it would appear his monster endowment — even clothed — led to its removal. Here he is on TikTok.

BELOW: Keep reading for gay comics, yet another mass shooting, Cheyenne Jackson's raunchy tribute to Leslie Jordan and more ...

Green-lantern-boyculture-gay(Image via Tim Sheridan & Cian Tormey/DC Comics)

POLYGON: Tim Sheridan is dealing with a lot of anti-queer sentiment when it comes to his Green Lantern work, and has a message for readers.

TWITTER: Meet Rep. George Santos's (R-New York) “cunty criminal twin sister.”

HUFF POST: Another U.S. mass shooting — this time in multiple locations, killing at least 22 — in Maine. The alleged shooter is a firearms instructor with military training — and he got away.

INSTAGRAM: Cheyenne Jackson pulls a flawless Leslie Jordan impression out at Jordan's Hollywood Walk of Fame dedication ceremony.

NYT: Mike Johnson, the newly elected Speaker of the House, is virulently anti-LGBTQ (he warned gay marriage would lead to people marrying their pets), virulently anti-choice and pro-election denial. As right-wing as any who've ever come close to the office, and he is now third in line to the presidency. And some Democrats want to blame Democrats for not preventing this ... with Republicans in the majority.

OMG.BLOG!: Elite Season 7 looks ... penetrating.

AL.COM: Just what Alabama needs — an expansion of Don't Say Gay through grade 12.

PEOPLE: Kris Jenner cheated on her husband with the future Caitlyn Jenner and yet is seen as a brilliant person.

NYT: Yul Brynner's only son, Rock, has died at 76. I find this sort of information jarring, in that the offspring of Hollywood royalty who were older but not OLD when I was YOUNG are now old enough to die of old age.

WBUR: Gay Community News at 50.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Will this Chicago suburb postpone a gay musical about teens or not?! Make up your mind.

QUEERTY: Gay jock steals show with flag-waving maneuver.