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Oct 15 2023
MIKE PENCE & I ARE GAY! + DeSantis Flopping Hard + Madonna CELEBRATION HQ Video + RIP Piper Laurie + Pete Davidson's Touching Cold Open + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Beachin' pics, dude.

Shirtless-pits-boyculture-gayBonus pic — by me! Check out my work on OnlyFans. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

BELOW: Keep reading for Madonna, Pete Davidson, Piper Laurie and more ...

MEDIAITE: “Mike Pence and I are gay!”

ADVOCATE: Maine state rep comes out as ... no bi.

HUFF POST: Trumpy douchebag wins race to govern Louisiana.

ABC NEWS: Inside Uganda's crackdown on LGBTQ+ people.

PINK NEWS: I would say that none of that's true. That was Jada Pinkett Smith's response to a question about all the rumors she and Will are gay swingers.

TWITTER: Trump is so hard to listen to, but this statement is ... worth it.

NBC NEWS: Be grateful for the dad you have/had. Unless this is him.

NBC NEWS: Not-ready-for-primetime Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized Egypt for not taking Gaza refugees — but he also wants the U.S. to reject them.

EXTRATV: Incredible photos from the opening night of Madonna's long-delayed Celebration Tour. She looks fantastic and like her old self, and we already know (for those of us not averse to spoilers) that her set list is as close to perfect as it gets, with very few major absentees.

Pro-shot video of her amazing opener: “Nothing Really Matters”! A song she has only ever done live one time, 24 years ago. Some from “Don't Tell Me.” Concert film is a lock.

AwQzShe took a stab at the Oscar. (GIF via GIPHY)

GR8ERDAYS: Full obit for the magnetically talented actor Piper Laurie. Yes, dirty pillows, but so much more! She had been a rare survivor from the Golden Age, but one who reinvented herself as a serious thespian.

INSTAGRAM: Don't miss Pete Davidson's touching SNL cold open, which addresses the war in the Mideast:

INSTAGRAM: Happy 79th to the icon who is Udo Kier: