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Nov 04 2023
BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X ... On The Set — Day 1! Comments (0)

Boy Culture IMG_2217(All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

It's been a long time coming, but Boy Culture: Generation X is available for rent as of November 7 — on Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, YouTube, Roku and more. I would really appreciate any of you checking it out! 

Over the next few days, I'm posting some photos from our 11-day shoot, which should give you a great peek into what it was like making this long-simmering sequel to Boy Culture (2006) ...

Boy Culture IMG_2091 EDITJason Caceres, Darryl Stephens & Allan Brocka

Boy Culture: Generation X is a sequel that takes place a decade after the events in Boy Culture, and follows on-again, off-again couple X (Derek Magyar) and Andrew (Darryl Stephens) as they come to terms with their broken relationship. Though currently apart, there is plenty of Moonlighting-style chemistry.

Boy Culture giphy copy

Meanwhile, X has decided to return to sex work at 40, and finds it a whole new world, one where he is quickly scooped up by pimp — er, manager — Chayce (Jason Caceres).

Boy Culture IMG_2221On a tight budget, Allan always creates amazingly expensive-looking ambience.

Through a series of scenes in which X meets with clients lined up for him by Chayce, we see how this old dog acclimates to new tricks, what he learns about himself in the process and how things will resolve with Andrew.

Boy Culture IMG_2139Jason had to get into the swing of things quickly.

Boy Culture IMG_2145*****Darryl & Jason

Boy Culture IMG_2155Blocking the striptease while miked

Day 1 of shooting was a trip! We shot at a bar in L.A Within minutes of arriving, Jason was blocking a striptease on top of the bar, attempting to seduce Darryl for a scene in which we learn a bit about Chayce's agenda.

Boy Culture IMG_2161*****Our easy first scene was a sign of great things to come.

After we wrapped at the bar, we walked over to shoot a scene that wound up near the very end of the finished film — a sort of queer Comic-Con at which X and Chayce are flaunting themselves in superhero costumes to lure business.

Boy Culture IMG_2182*****
Boy Culture IMG_2182*****
Boy Culture IMG_2185*****

Boy Culture IMG_2239A bunch of us — Jason, Allan, Darryl; me with Allan; producers Stephen Israel and Philip Pierce with Jason & Darryl; Allan flanked by Darryl & Jason

It was a great icebreaker to pour Derek into his leotard, and I must say that he and Chayce looked fantastic as Hammerjack & Tiger Bolt — a superhero duo we should probably get to work writing into existence.

Boy Culture IMG_2255This was basically the first moment Derek met Jason

Some of our intrepid crew had to double as fanboys and fangirls, and I think the scene wound up funny and believable. Just like the whole movie — I'm really proud of it.

Boy Culture IMG_2284POW! is the new BAM!

Boy Culture IMG_2287Running their lines

Boy Culture IMG_2312Allan's direction here spoke for iteself.

Boy Culture IMG_2330Our dynamic duo 

Boy Culture IMG_6731From the get-go, Chayce was bossing X around.

Boy Culture IMG_2346First day on the set of the first film I ever (co-)wrote!

Boy Culture IMG_2375Jason with one of his old head shots — the nerd has blossomed!

I will post a bunch more photos in the coming week or 10 days. Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who rents Boy Culture: Generation X!