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Nov 05 2023
BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X ... On The Set — Day 2! Comments (0)

Boy Culture IMG_2217(All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Part two of my series of behind-the-scenes photos from the Boy Culture: Generation X shoot! The film streams November 7 on Amazon, Roku, YouTube, Google, Apple, Samsung and more.


Keep reading for the photos ...

Boyculture-Series star Derek Magyar (X) getting made-up for a hilarious scene in which co-star Jason Caceres shaves X's back.


Boyculture-IMG_2396Director/co-writer Allan Brocka goes over some thoughts about the big pizza scene.

Boyculture-IMG_2402I was geeked to be observing the entire shoot, something I missed when Boy Culture (2006) was filmed.

Boyculture-IMG_2406The film looks a lot more expensive than it actually was, thanks largely to Allan's vision.

Boyculture-IMG_2411Look at those eyes — and that jawline. Derek revived X all those years later with ease.

Boyculture-IMG_2422Derek and Allan during a brief break in shooting

Boyculture-IMG_2435Jason as Chayce and Derek as X have such great chemistry.

Boyculture-IMG_2449Shenanigans, with series star Darryl Stephens joining the fun

Boyculture-IMG_2485This was the scene behind one of the film's funniest exchanges (you see some in the trailer) — Jason as Chayce killed it, and Darryl as Andrew pushed back hard.

Boyculture-IMG_2508Million-dollar smile — Darryl's Andrew is so nuanced and compelling in Boy Culture: Generation X.

Boyculture-IMG_2520Every time I took a photo, I had to shout, “FLASHING!”

Boyculture-IMG_2545The set decor was filled with details like these — original photos from the 2005 shoot of Boy Culture showing the first dream team, including lovely Jonathon Trent as Joey.

Boyculture-IMG_2577This scene — shot on day 2, but coming late in the finished film — was so deeply moving to watch being created, and it really translates to the screen.

Hope you get a chance to watch Boy Culture: Generation X — let me know how you like it!