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Nov 10 2023
Darryl Stephens On BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X + Manchin Bails + @stanchris Talks Influencer Status + Grant Cramer's Butt + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If you can pull off this look, do.

BELOW: Keep reading for @stanchris, Joe Manchin, Darryl Stephens and more ...

Stanchris-chris-stanley-instagram-boyculture-gay-twinkIf you see this guy, he's probably asking you: “Are you gay?” (Image via Instagram)

STONEWALL MUSEUM: On Tuesday, November 14, at 6:30 p.m., the Stonewall Museum is hosting A Conversation with Filmmaker Chris Stanley. Yes, that means they're talking with influence stanchris, whose videos you've likely seen.

NYT: Sen. Joe Manchin (I-West Virginia) is a fucking asshole who hates the Democratic Party now. He was never going to win re-election, in spite of being perhaps the only Dem in West Virginia capable of winning a statewide race, so rather than lift a finger, spend money and lose, he has bowed out. So there goes one Senate seat for sure in an already-challenging environment. And yes, he is an A-hole I won't miss (he could run for POTUS to fuck things up worse, though he is 76.5 years old, if age bothers people), but having a fake Dem/Independent who nonetheless caucuses with Dems is better than having a right-wing loon. If the Senate (likely) flips Biden can kiss goodbye ANY help there, including with SCOTUS appointments, if he wins re-election.

JMG: OMG, JMG interviewed Darryl Stephens about Boy Culture: Generation X! And I say this a lot, but it's true ... Darryl is alarmingly ageless.He looks like he has not aged in 20 years. Which is good, because if we ever do a third installment, that's how long it will take.

OMG.BLOG!: L.A. punk drag series needs your attention.

KENNETH IN THE (212): NYC in the '80s — which were a fuck of a long time ago.

HUFF POST: Right-wing gay billionaire Peter Thiel admits he was wrong about Trump.

YOUTUBE: Hillary Clinton on why the U.S. as we know it would end with Trump 2:

EXTRATV: Grammy noms are in.

@entertainment_weekly Filming #TheIronClaw made #ZacEfron question his life choices 🤣 #HarrisDickinson #JeremyAllenWhite #HighSchoolMusical ♬ original sound - Entertainment Weekly

QUEERTY: The men of Iron Claw, including the dramatically transformed Zac Efron.

POLITICO.EU: Same-sex unions okayed in Latvia.

GAYETY: I agree — I really enjoyed NYAD. I actually thought Jodie Foster was close to a career-best, but when you've got Taxi Driver and Silence of the Lambs and The Accused in your past, that becomes hard to prove. So let's just say she is fantastic in this.

INSTAGRAM: Happy birthday to luscious Grant Cramer: