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Nov 08 2023
Joe Putignano's Family Needs Help + DeSantis Appeals Ridiculous Hamburger Mary's Case + Male Trans Actor Not Allowed To Play Male Role + Luckinbill Remembers White & MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Mom always said don't ball in the house.

BELOW: Keep reading for a way to help Joe Putignano's surviving husband, DeSantis's thin skin, a tender tribute to a late actor and more ...

Joe putignano boyculturePutignano worked tirelessly to promote awareness of addiction.

GOFUNDME: The late, great Joe Putignano's husband is seeking some financial help in the wake of his sudden passing.

BAY AREA REPORTER: DeSantis's Florida is appealing its case against Hamburger Mary's to the SCOTUS. Jesus, what passes for lewd these days is laughable.

GiphyTuesday was an across-the-board win for Democrats, media be damned. (GIF via GIPHY)

POLITICO: Gov. Andy Beshear (D-Kentucky) was re-elected handily in Kentucky, beating Daniel Cameron, the Black state AG who presided over the Breonna Taylor case.

HUFF POST: In a major win for pro-choice proponents, Ohio overwhelmingly voted to codify abortion rights into the state constitution.

Blue-RectangleShe's a winner! (Image via Twitter)

TWITTER: Del. Danica Roem is now State Sen. Danica Roem — Virginia's first trans senator.

NYT: Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-Virginia) has been denied a trifecta of power: voters in Virginia have voted to keep the state senate blue. No outlawing abortion, babes!

THE AP: Exonerated Central Park Five member Yusek Salaam has won a seat on the New York City Council.

ATTITUDE: Great to see Attitude plugging the release (as of yesterday!) of Boy Culture: Generation X on VOD. You can buy/rent it easily here.

Max-hightower-gender-trans-boycultureKXII: Why the fuck does it matter? A high school in Sherman, Texas, yanked a lead role in Oklahoma! from a trans male student, citing a new policy that all acting roles must be played by students whose gender at birth matches the traditional gender of the part. Really over-the-top and unnecessary. Also, gender-blind casting is not new, Texas.

FACEBOOK: Laurence Luckinbill, 88, is now the only living cast member from the original, off-Broadway and film productions of The Boys in the Band. Here, he lovingly remembers his old buddy and co-star, Peter White, who just died at 86:

I have been hailed as a hero for taking on a challenge as a straight man that I didn't need. The truth is the opposite. It gave a turbo lift to my life as an actor. The real heroes are the gay men who outed themselves to play their parts in the revolution. Our company was applauded as “the best acting company in New York.” Stellar--as a group. Peter and I survived. Now he, too, has moved on. I cried when my wife Lucie read the online notice that Peter had packed his actor's ditty bag and hailed that last cab to another rehearsal--out of town. I'm still here, Peter. Our “acquaintance” was deep. It was friendship. it has outlasted your presence. I will remember.
Boys in the band boyculture gayOnly Laurence Luckinbill remains. (There is controversy regarding Reuben Greene, far right. He disappeared. I don't believe him to be alive, but if anyone has definitive proof other than Internet hearsay, I'm all years.) (Image via Cinema Center)

GR8ERDAYS: Patrick Dempsey, 57, is People's Sexiest Man Alive; Brenda Lee, 78, debuts music video for “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree”; and let's have a listen to the late Christopher Plummer's original vocals from The Sound of Music.

Patrick-dempsey-people-boycultureMcDreamy still (Image via People)

INSTAGRAM: I'm so excited that on top of Boy Culture: Generation X being available to rent (YouTube, Apple & Dekkoo, among others), Boy Culture — the original movie — is available in HD at