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Nov 12 2023
Reading Between The George Platt Lynes + Andrew Scott On Being Professionally Out + BABY STEPS Is Here + Stanley Tucci's Hairy Chest + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Dekkoo talks Boy Culture — as in the 2006 original film! It's now available at Dekkoo, along with Boy Culture: Generation X.

BELOW: Keep reading for the sexiest artist ever, Andrew Scott on being or not being officially out, gay beer and more ...

George-platt-lynes-shirtless-boycultureGPL is the most important photographer who is rarely given the credit he's due. (Image by George Platt Lynes)

AMG: Upcoming lecture at the Bob Mizer Foundation is devoted to George Platt Lynes. If you're unfamiliar with him, don't miss this.

FUTURISM: Study finds kids with gay dads are doing better than kids with straight dads.

INDEPENDENT: Andrew Scott says industry people wanted him to STFU about his sexual orientation.

Just-say-gay-beer-boycultureI'll drink to that. (Image via Alchemist Beer)

FAST COMPANY: A way to drink while also supporting gay rights.

YOUTUBE: Baby Steps — a sequel to Say Yes — is here! It's on Amazon, and is also available on Tubi.

INSTAGRAM: Stanley Tucci for days.