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Nov 17 2023
Jason Caceres Chayces His Dreams + DeSantis Spanked By Supremes Over Drag Ban + Santos Expelled Post-Thanksgiving? + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Yes, I honor dogs' birthdays, too.

BELOW: Jason Caceres (POW!), Get Out! (WOW!), DeSantis thumped by SCOTUS (ow!) and more ....

Jason Caceres Boy Culture Generation X

GNI MAGAZINE: A great Q&A with Boy Culture: Generation X star Jason Caceres.

Gay-magazine-jockstrap-muscle-boycultureGet ready! (Image via Get Out)

KENNETH IN THE (212): More gay mags.

THE AP: Even the right-tilting SCOTUS won't side with Florida on its drag law. DeSantis loses again.

DAILY BEAST: Rep. George Santos (R-New York) has dug his own grave, and now he will lie through his teeth in it. As The Daily Beast points out, this week's damning ethics report helps to explain one of the biggest questions everyone always had about him: Where did his money come from? Short answer: Illegal pass-through funds from likely unsuspecting donors. Really ham-fisted corruption, as if he were too stupid to ever fear getting scrutinized, let alone caught.

DAILY KOS: Another expulsion vote is coming in the House for Santos — and this time, he will lose. Would he rather quit, or be a martyr by becoming one of the only House members in history expelled by his own peers?

POLITICO: I've read some on the left and right saying NYC Mayor Eric Adams is getting a raw deal form the feds regarding alleged illegal ties to Turkey. And yet, he attended almost 80 (!) pro-Turkey events. This guy is brand-new! Where did he find the time?!

OMG.BLOG!: David Tomlinson, who was taken to pound town by Matt Bomer in Fellow Travelers, was also seen fully nude. No prosthetic.

David-tomlinson-nude-gay-boycultureThis series is, aptly, on Showtime. (Image via Showtime)