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Nov 02 2023
Mr. Deep Voice Strips For EROTICCO + George Santos Survives 1st House Expulsion Vote + Mike Johnson Hearts Gay Conversion Therapy + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Just another way being a hot twink pays off ... eventually!

BELOW: Mr. Deep Voice's erotic spread, George Santos lives to fight another day (possibly just about 16 more days) and more  ...

Ross-jordan-shirtless-muscles-mr-deep-voice-onlyfans-sexy-boyculture(Image via Ross Jordan for EroticCo)

COCKTAILS & COCKTALK: OnlyFans star Mr. Deep Voice got his cock out for a photo shoot.

HUFF POST: Rep. (for now) George Santos (R-New York) has handily SURVIVED a House vote on whether to expel him. People are bent out of shape that 31 Dems voted in favor of keeping him, and another 15 abstained or did not vote. However, keep in mind that the ethics report on his alleged misdeeds is coming November 17. I'm assuming many want to play fair and wait to have some solid information before expelling someone, no matter how repulsive.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Why, yes, we DO want a national LGBTQIA+ museum in D.C.

NYT: Judge Aileen Cannon, the Trumper judge Trump lucked out in drawing for his federal documents trial, appears to be leaning toward granting his team's request to DELAY, DELAY, DELAY.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: The Hong Kong Gay Games — wha'happen?

DAILY BEAST: Mike Johnson, the new GOP Speaker of the House, has never listed any assets on his financial disclosure forms. No checking. No savings. No nothing. He has a mortgage and a bank loan. But no assets. Hm.

VANITY FAIR: Also, Mike Johnson once worked with a conversion-therapy group. I wonder why he's so deeply invested in that? (His wifey, too.)

TWITTER: This is how you secure a 10 at the ball, hunty.

GR8ERDAYS: Director Susan Seidelman has a memoir coming in June.

GREG IN HOLLYWOOD: Cher is really pushing this Christmas CD!

CBC: A New Hampshire town is considering banning ALL PUBLIC ART, all because (guess?) of LGBTQ content.

TELLA FILMS: Coming November 10, you can make your Yuletide Gay — er, LESBIAN! — with Tells Films' A Holiday I Do. This Christmas-themed romance stars Lindsay Hicks and Rivkah Reyes, and features the fabulous Marsha Warfield (one of the last survivors of Night Court). Looks like a less furtive Desert Hearts.

A-holiday-i-do-lesbian-boyculture-gayI saw Mommy kissing Mrs. Santa Claus! (Image via Tello Films)