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Nov 19 2023
Aaron Hernandez Actor Cast + Reality Personality Reveals His Schlong + NFL Sticks With Trevor Project + Mraz On Being Bi + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Dyke to watch out for Jodie Foster is 61. And if you haven't seen Nyad yet, I would argue she laps even Annette Bening in that. Oscar-worthy.

BELOW: Keep reading for Aaron Hernandez actor cast, naked reality star and more ...

Josh-andres-rivera-boyculture-arms-bicepsThe raccoon is me. (Image via video still)

EDGE MEDIA NETWORK: Josh Andrés Rivera has been cast in Ryan Murphy's series on the life and death of scandal-plagued baseball star Aaron Hernandez.

Boyculture-gay-cock- nude-Andre-Goncalves-A-Fazenda-15.00002He was robed. (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Reality TV personality flashes the camera with his nice cock. I mean, could we have envisioned this when we (those of us who did) grew up with 13 channels and stultifying rules about what could and couldn't be shown on TV?

METRO WEEKLY: The NFL is all in with the Trevor Project, even though right-wingers would define it as the ultimate grooming org.

YOUTUBE: Jason Mraz talks coming to terms with his bisexuality later in life, overcoming guilt and shame:

MSNBC: Officials in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, which quietly banned public homosexuality, have now removed the homosexual part from the law in question ... but are still leaning on it to ban books.

HUFF POST: Righties are ever-so-mad that Target is selling Black, disabled Santas and trans-friendly Nutcrackers. (Anyone else think Target is deliberately cracking some nuts over this?!) I, of course, now want to buy them.

Trans-nutcracker-lgbt-queer-boyculture-target(Image via Target)