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Nov 14 2023
Male Model Monday + The Wrong Trump Dies + Religious Fanatics Still Bugging David Archuleta + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Dack Rambo was so pretty, and so courageous.

BELOW: Keep reading for Male Model Monday, the wrong Trump dies and more ...

Shirtless-boyculture-gayThis is called pulling focus. (Image via Instagram)

SOCIALITE LIFE: Male Model Monday is maniacally momentous.

QUEERTY: “Why Are So Many Gay Men Single?”

METRO WEEKLY: Man charged with anti-gay hate crimes in NYC for subway assault and harassment.

Butt-boycultureTruth in captioning (Image via video still)

OMG.BLOG!: Love Island lusciousness.

EXTRATV: A very unsurprising gay-celeb divorce.

ABC NEWS: Trump's disapproving older sis, Maryanne Trump Barry, has died at 86. Important to note:

Three of the president's four siblings have now died. Robert Trump, his youngest brother, died in August 2020 at 71 years old. Fred Trump Jr. died of a heart attack at just 42 years old in September 1981.

Trump's sister Elizabeth Trump Grau, 81, is alive. His dad died at 93, and his mom at 88. Trump is 77.

Biden's parents died at 92 and 86. He's the oldest of four siblings — all alive.

TOMORROW WILL BE TELEVISED: I had fun last week chatting on the Tomorrow Will Be Televised podcast with Derek Magyar, Boy Culture: Generation X's star.

TWITTER: People stuck on the idea that Madonna looks bad are still fixated on the period when she was clearly unwell, right before she nearly died. Since then, she seems to have rebounded in myriad ways, and while it's superficial, she looks fantastic. Yet I still see people sharing very old memes about Roseanne looking better. Okeh.

CNN: Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Virginia) is walking away from the House, in hopes of becoming Virginia's next governor. She doesn't even have to worry about Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) — Virginia only allows single-term governors (which seems insane).

Durk-dehner-gus-van-sant-tom-bianchi-gay-boycultureDurk Dehner, Gus Van Sant & Tom Bianchi (Image via TOFF)

TOM OF FINLAND: Over Palm Springs Leather Pride Weekend, the Tom of Finland Foundation awarded photographer Tom Bianchi (Artist Hall of Fame) and director Gus  Van Sant (Cultural Icon). 

THE GUARDIAN: Austria is putting aside millions for gay people who were persecuted.

INSTAGRAM: Insane Christers continue to pester David Archuleta about being out and proud.

I just wanted to take a moment to honor a longtime reader of whom I lost track, Todd Bowers. He was a frequent commenter, entered my contests when I had them and wound up donating to my Kickstarter for Boy Culture: Generation X. The latter is how I discovered he died in 2022. I don't know what happened, but I was shocked and saddened to read this, and I just wanted to belatedly acknowledge his departure.