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Nov 07 2023
Q. Allan Brocka Talks To PGN About BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X Comments (0)

Philadelphia-gay-news-cover-boy-culture-lgbt-lgbtq-queer(Image via screen grab)

Great Q&A with Boy Culture: Generation X director and co-writer Q. Allan Brocka over at Philadelphia Gay News:

That wasn’t the initial goal. When I first adapted the book — and the book is a series of confessions; it wasn’t “one big story” — I thought it would make a good series, with each episode as a different confession. So, after we made the film, we started pitching the series. It was very queer and very sexual and there wasn’t an appetite for that in 2006. We dropped it. Around 2012, the climate was changing, and we thought there might be interest. We started writing, and did six 15-minute episodes, so we could do the film festival circuit like a feature. It took more time to raise the money to make it, so we shot it in 2017. Then with COVID, and other delays, it did not come out until 2021 and we are finally releasing it in 2023. We pitched it during the Bush administration, wrote it during Obama, filmed it during Trump, and now it’s coming out during Biden. That’s how long this project has been going. It’s been a long road!

Easiest way to rent — or own — Boy Culture: Generation X right now appears to be via YouTube.