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Nov 21 2023
Brokeback Zane Phillips + Husband Gets Into Any Position He's Told + NYC Drug-And-Rob Perp Sentenced + Ted Cruz Is Basket-Obsessed + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Male-feet-boyculture-gayShe also seems to dress him for sexy time. (Image via Facebook)

ABOVE: Woman puts husband through fake yoga positions just to show off his stuff.

BELOW: Keep reading for Zane Phillips, Ted Cruz's dick obsession and more ...

INSTAGRAM: Netflix just canceled Glamorous after one season, but Zane Phillips (for DSquared) is still beyond huge. The above new clip is added to this:

KENNETH IN THE (212): Speaking of hot men in underwear ... !

NBC NEWS: Eddie Ashley has become the first man sentenced as a part of the NYC drugging ring that resulted in over a dozen gay men being put under and robbed — and two dying. Ashley is the only culprit to confess to his crimes, and drew nine years behind bars for them. Oddly, in his interview, he is saying that for JUST one night, he's suffering for years. But during that one night, he drugged and robbed an unsuspecting person, the part he seems to gloss over. To be fair, Ashley seems to be someone on the fringes of the group, and was not charged with anyone's death. But I have to say, I remain confused about this crime wave. Why can't I easily find Eddie's mug shot? Is he not gay, and preyed on gays? Or gay, and preyed on gays? I still feel like the situation is murky. I'm hopeful the alleged perps who are pleading not guilty go away for decades.

OMG.BLOG!: Why is Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) talking about a Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-California) — and his meaty tuck?!

POLITICO: Supposed free speech absolutist Elon Musk has sued Media Matters for pointing out his anti-Semitism.

AMAZON U.K.: Welcome to Ghosted, a gay novel about what happens on a cruise packed with 3,000 guys. At Christmas.

Ghosted-gay-book-boycultureCircuit party on the high seas (Image via Amazon)