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Dec 27 2023
Barry Keoghan Enters The Butt Hall Of Fame + Ridick Queens Make An Airport Scene + RIP Tom Smothers & Bobby Rivers + Tragic End For Woman Arrested In Viral Video + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Fabulous choices. Who would you like to see get this honor in the future? Besides Madonna and Liza Minnelli.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot guys, two very sad farewells and more ...

Arthur-cazaux-shirtless-boycultureCis net (Image via video still)

KENNETH IN THE (212): French bussy.

OMG.BLOG!: Model Christopher Aldea's got his whole butt out.

Quv2a56xx92c1You'll see. (GIF via GIPHY)

SOCIALITE LIFE: If you haven't yet seen Saltburn, don't read this.

@izzzjson Remember the kids Dustin !!! Charlotte Douglas International Airport #fyp #americanairlines ♬ original sound - izzzjson

TIKTOK: These queens are ridiculous, so of course they're going viral. Am I the only one who assumes the one guy has to be on something? He's so erratic, and then when you think it's winding down, BOOM, he's back.

CNN: I just acquired a HUGE number of original model releases of hot guys from 1991 or so back into the 1960s. All nude models. Because the releases contain personally identifying info, I randomly looked up two hot ones whose faces I'd seen for decades. Both are alive! Both are straight. One is a Trumper who shares nonstop anti-liberal memes, the other is so deep into Q he has a podcast about it. Yeah. So this woman's story about her son going from a two-time Obama voter and Rachel Maddow fan to being a Q devotee is ... yeah. It's believable. Thankfully, her son is dead and can no longer help to ensnare others.

SALON: Jesus, this sitting congressman, Republican Rep. Tim Walberg of Michigan, flew to Uganda to praise the government for its law making being gay punishable by death.

Tom-smothers-carol-burnett-cbs-boycultureHe was politically provocative, and not exactly hard on the eyes. (Image via CBS)

GR8ERDAYS: The boundary-smashing Tom Smothers has died at 86.

WISN: I'm so surprised to read that longtime entertainment reporter Bobby Rivers has died at 70.

POLITICO: The House GOP is not happy that there's a Black lady in Florida holding office.

THE ROOT: Gay football player entering 2024 draft.

US WEEKLY: Tommy Dorfman posted a video intended to shame Delta for misgendering her. Instead, it has backfired, revealing her behavior to be pretty boorish. Though there is a woman who apparently misgendered her intentionally, the young man put on blast simply seems to want to do his job unmolested. I just wish people could decide Tommy was being rude rather than jumping on the anti-trans bandwagon.

YAHOO! NEWS: Remember that woman who was arrested for masturbating on the beach? I never posted the footage as it was so unnecessarily humiliating. It almost seemed like a skit to me. But it was apparently real, and she has not apparently taken her own life over the arrest: