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Dec 17 2023
Andrew Scott: Acting Helped Him Come Out + Trump Goes Full Hitler + Matthew Perry's Cause Of Death + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Some of my best Madonna Celebration Tour shots from night 3 of Brooklyn. Catch this tour if you're a fan or casual fan. Follow my Madonna Instagram if you're a fan-fan.

BELOW: Andrew Scott, Matthew Perry, Robin Cousins and more  ...

Boyculture Andrew-Scott-All-Of-Us-StrangersAll of us Andrew mo(Image via Searchlight Pictures)

GAYETY: Andrew Scott credits acting with helping him to come out.

HUFF POST: Trump goes full Hitler in latest speech, saying immigrant poison our blood. Among the faithful — Mario Lopez, both of whose parents were both immigrants.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Matthew Perry died of a ketamine overdose. He'd previously been using ketamine treatments for addiction and described them as not for him. This looks like a recreational O.D.

13WHAM: Rochester, New York, has a gay bar — the Bachelor Forum — that's proving life begins at 50.

THE GUARDIAN: Robin Cousins on his double life as a gay Olympian.

TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT: Murderer of Jorge Diaz Johnston, gay activist, convicted.

Jorge-diaz-johnston-boycultureJohnston (L) (Image via video still)