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Dec 01 2023
George Santos Booted Out Of Congress For Brazen Criminality Comments (0)

Santos-boyculture(Image via video still)

Rep. George Santos (R-New York) is gone.

Santos, in a historic vote, has been expelled from Congress by a 311-114 vote.

I want you to think about all the low-down, no-good, dirty, corrupt assholes who have served in the United States Congress, from the time of slavery to now — and only 20 have ever been expelled.

Most of those were in the Senate in the 1860s for being Confederate goons. Nobody has been expelled from Congress in over 20 years, and only six have ever been expelled from the House (which has hundreds of seats up for grabs every two years).

So Kitara was really that bad.

Santos on his way out:

To hell with this place.

Next stop: Federal prison.