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Dec 26 2023
LAST CHRISTMAS Triumphs + RIP Kamar de los Reyes + MAESTRO Misses The Mark + Televangelist Denies Gay Booty Calls + Kanye West Is Ever So Sorry For Loving Hitler + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Trump-boycultureAnd people are offended by Happy Holidays ... (Image via Truth Social)

ABOVE: Rot in hell is a trusty season's greetings. I say it right back to anyone who'd vote for this POS. And now, to get drunk. (I don't drink, but you can!)

BELOW: Christmas leftovers, Asher Monroe's tribute to 100 years of great songs, death of a gay sports journalist and more ...

SOCIALITE LIFE: One of the least annoying holiday songs — “Last Christmas” by Wham! — has hit no. 1 in the U.K. for the first time (how?!) thanks to the vagaries of streaming. The video smells like hairspray, but the song is unapologetically pretty. If that isn't holiday-ish enough, check out queer people celebration Christmas!

Lee-sun-kyun-parasite-dead-marijuana-suicide-boycultureA senseless loss (Image via CJ Entertainment)

EXTRATV: Parasite star dead at 48 over an investigation into ... marijuana use. South Korea's drug laws and the social stigma are intense. What a loss. Lee Sun-kyun was a father of 2 and such a beloved actor and success story.

OUTSPORTS: Gay sports and Fox News radio journalist Matt Napolitano died December 23, his new husband confirmed.

PORTSIDE: Maestro is terrible. I'm shocked people are saying they like, let alone loved, it. Even if you overlook any criticisms about the fake nose, direction or performance, it is a film that basically says, “Bisexuals are tough to be married to!” and is the story of a flawed musical genius told entirely through the perspective of a supposedly long-suffering wife. A LOT is left out, quite a bit seems to have been made up entirely. All in the pursuit of an Oscar for Bradley Cooper, who was much better in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves this year. Carey Mulligan is okay, but call me when she's playing Irina Shayk in the Bradley Cooper story.

INSTAGRAM: RIP to stunning One Life to Live actor Kamar de los Reyes, 56. He died after briefly battling cancer. I always remember him for his performance in Blade to the Heat at the Public in NYC. I still have that poster framed.

JOE.MY.GOD.: Televangelist T.D. Jakes is denying he had lots and lots and lots and lots of gay sex at Diddy's orgies.

(And says that even if he did, which he didn't, he could always repent. But he doesn't need to. Because he didn't.)

INSTAGRAM: Kanye West is apologizing — in Hebrew — for his pro-Hitler, anti-Semitic remarks. Give me a fucking break. This wasn't a slip of the tongue or accidental offense, this was ideology. And lots of his followers have ever since been saying “Kanye WAS RIGHT” in any situation involving a Jew or Jewish people. Even now, in the comments, you'll see his fans saying the Jews got to him. Fuck him. I cannot wait until he is gone.

Asher-monroe-album-artMusic to your ears (Image via

PART 1: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Asher Monroe — his status with Diana Jenkins leads me to dub him House Fiancé — is dropping an album of covers of some of the best, most impactful songs of the last century. Part 1 is out now, and you can save the rest here in advance. Songs of the Century begins in the 1930s and continues through today, allowing him to tackle everything from “Over the Rainbow” to “House of the Rising Sun.” Why no one ever covers “In the Bush” is beyond me, but I'm sure Asher's choices will please music lovers.

This is Asher now:

This is how I knew Asher, forever ago, when he was in a band called V Factory:

Asher-monroe-boycultureAsher about 15 years ago. And yes, he could sing, too. (Image via Joe Magnani)

BLEEDING HEARTLAND: You will be SHOCKED, but lawyers defending Iowa's own Don't Say Gay (and Don't Be Trans) law are not being honest about the law in court. Because Iowa is run by a Republican douchebag, Iowa's needy kids will NOT get $40/month to help with food (!)

INSTAGRAM: Today's b'days:

BBC: U.K. music fans voted on Madonna's Top 40 best songs. The top of the list is not surprising, but once you get past the 10th slot, things take a turn.

KENNETH IN THE (212): In case you haven't had your fill yet of gay Santas:

Gay-santa-boyculture-wiremagInsert package joke here. (Image via Wiremag)