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Dec 29 2023
Paul Mescal, Andrew Scott, Zane Phillips, Ncuti Gatwa & Other Sexpots + Trump Booted From Maine Ballot + Nikki Haley Isn't A Slave To Personal Responsibility + Avocado Toast Booster Dies + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If you know, you know.

BELOW: Keep reading for Paul Mescal, Zane Phillips, Ncuti Gatwa and more ...

PAUL-MESCAL-shirtless-all-of-us-strangers-boyculture-gayDead sexy (Image via Searchlight)

EXTRATV: Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott talk about their palpable chemistry in All of Us Strangers.

HUFF POST: Maine is now the second state to decide Trump is ineligible to run for president, thanks to having committed insurrection.

OMG.BLOG!: Fantastic street photography!

SOCIALITE LIFE: Zane Phillips is just the start.

TWITTER: Nikki Haley really cannot just condemn slavery and move on.

Meanwhile, this idiot says it would be in the best interest of the country to PARDON Trump because he's 80. I want to point out that she is very hung up on old age — recall she said Biden was past it, and now Trump is so old he can't be held responsible for his illegal actions:

INSTAGRAM: Don Lemon has been waiting for Nikki to slip up:

CNN: Cher has filed for conservatorship over her son Elijah Blue Allman, reportedly because of his substance-abuse issues.

KENNETH IN THE (212): This letter is bitchy and a half, but I hope Kenneth takes care; contacting childhood pals can lead to discovering they're insane.

JOE.MY.GOD.: It's 2023, and yet we the U.S. just broke a record for the largest number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills to become law in a single year ... 84.

THEATERMANIA: Six best NYC shows of 2023.

NYT: The man who intro'ed avocado toast to the world died on Christmas Day.

SOCIALITE LIFE: Ncuti Gatwa makes his Doctor Who debut.

Ncuti-gatwa-boycultureThe votes are in. (Image via video still)