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Dec 18 2023
Gay Mystery + Santos Never Heard Of Harvey Milk + Madonna Spanks Andy Cohen + Daughter Inherits World's Biggest Babs Collection From Doting Dad + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This is painfully true.

IMG_2089More here. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

BELOW: Keep reading for the Pope, a new gay mystery, the very unmysterious Andy Cohen and more ...

CBS NEWS: I'm tired of trying to keep up with this Pope. Francis is pro-gay, anti-gay, pro-gay, anti-gay. I guess he's the most progressive pope ever, which is like saying the most open-minded Republican. At any rate, his latest shit-stirring move is to assert, in a convoluted manner, that priests may bless same-sex unions under certain circumstances.

Frank-Spinelli-gay-mystery-bookA killer read? (Image via Amazon)

AMAZON: Frank Spinelli's new mystery No Angels Wept, his second Angelo Perrotta novel, delves into a series of murders involving gay sex workers.

S-l1600Daughter, can you archive me? (Image via Cartelera Turia)

GR8ERDAYS: The man who owned the world's biggest Barbra Streisand collection was straight. Now that his daughter has inherited it — and it is MASSIVE — I think it should be in gay hands. Plus, you GOTTA see Anita Baker freaking out and telling someone taking her picture at a concert to back off.

YOUTUBE: Lola Leon, Madonna's daughter, covers ... Judy Garland?!

INSTAGRAM: Madonna playfully called out — but called out — Andy Cohen for his trouble-making queen ways at her show. He's embracing it.

TWITTER: Speaking of disgraced queens, ex-Rep. George Santos, who made history when he was drummed out of the House by his own colleagues, is making bucks on Cameo and posing as Santa Claus.

George-santos-boycultureShould go to clown junior college (Image via Twitter)

Santos is a fucking stupid, uneducated POS, too: