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Dec 05 2023
Tuberville Caves + VP Harris Breaks A Record + Tucker Carlson's Producer Sued For Sex Assault + Kenneth's Body Count + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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G paul smith as susan b anthony drag gay boycultureBonus image: Late 1800s cabinet card of actor G. Paul Smith as Susan B. Anthony. What a drag! (Image from the collection of Peter Miller/New York)

BELOW: Keep reading for Democratic victories, Santos collecting coins, sleep-around Kenneth Walsh and more ...

HUFF POST: Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) — easily Top 3 dumbest assholes in the U.S. Senate — has finally caved on his blockade of appointments, all over abortion.

ADVOCATE: Tucker Carlson's longtime producer has been sued for alleged sexual assault. By a man, of course.

TWITTER: Madonna's “Vogue” bitch tonight in London was sexy Charlie Hunnam.

KENNETH IN THE (212): Kenneth reflects on World AIDS Day (which was December 1) and his discovery that the first guy he was sexual with died of the disease. (My first sexual partner became a Burning Man clown and died in a tragic moped crash.) It reminded me that I once looked up a stripper I had fooled around with and later, briefly, lived with, only to discover he'd died of AIDS. He was aggressively promiscuous (not a judgment, a fact), so I knew there was a good chance (again, just science and the odds), but it was sad and alarming to realize he had died so soon after I last saw him. He had been in a hospital for an infection of his elbow, which I assumed could mean HIV, but he denied it. And propositioned me there. He was a total character, a crazed music lover and definitely loved his life — Floyd Underwood of Chicago, in case anyone runs across this post and knew him.

OMG.BLOG!: I don't like that George Santos is becoming this almost ... appreciated? ... villain. Can we skip to the part where he's stabbed 22 times in the prison shower?

CNN: Police are raiding queer spaces in Russia.

EW.COM: Dan Levey talks personal loss and his directorial debut Good Grief.

WILLAMETTE WEEKLY: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence welcome winter with a gala.

AZ FAMILY: Two gay men were tortured and killed in less than two years in Arizona. In one case, the killers posted on social media that being gay was not allowed there — and sent pictures of their victim's desecrated corpse to his family.

POLITICO: VP Harris has now broken a longstanding record for the most tie-breaking votes in the Senate. Voting matters.

ADVOCATE: According to Matt Walsh, gay parents are de facto human traffickers.

TMZ: Dahmer's dad has died at 87.

Lionel-dahmer-boycultureI can't even imagine. (Image via Echo Point Books & Media)