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Jan 04 2024
Antoni Porowski Advertises It + Nassim Lyes Got Moves + Epstein Nothingburger + Gay Restaurateurs Close Up Shop + Return To Roz + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: New series pitch: Matt & Grace.

BELOW: Keep reading for Antoni Porowski and Nassim Lyes showing off the goods and so, so much more ...

Antoni-porowski-boyculture-abs-shirtless-gaySunny-side up! (Image via Instagram)

OMG.BLOG!: Antoni Porowski is single again, so there is more of him to spread around! More of him here.

Nassim Lyes 3When he hits on you, you stay hit. (GIF via My New Plaid Pants)

MY NEW PLAID PANTS: Check out Nassim Lyes in a new trailer for Mayhem!

HUFF POST: I think the Epstein doc drop is — so far — a nothingburger. Clinton is getting dragged ... because a young woman reported that Jeffrey Epstein TOLD HER Clinton liked 'em young. Nobody is alleging more than that. Trump is only mentioned because a prosecutor asks a victim about him. The people who seem to be quite implicated, we already knew about — Dershowitz, Prince Andrew. I think people were expecting a client list, and so many of them are just pretending that's what we got.

WAPO: This sucks — the gay couple whose restaurant in the small town of  The Plains, Virginia, who had been battling anti-gay neighbors have had to throw in the towel and sell. I don't blame them, but harassment works.

BILLBOARD: Britney Spears asserts she has quit the music industry permanently.

TWITTER: I couldn't give The Color Purple my heart, although it has great performances, because it all feels like too much of a rape apology.

Jim-verraros-shirtless-boyculture-gay-american-idolGAYETY: Dan Levy's Good Grief is described as a journey through love, loss and laughter.

JOE.MY.GOD.: A new study purports that nearly 20,000 may have died from hydroxychloroquine, the fake COVID cure.

QUEERTY: Catching up with American Idol O.G. contestant Jim Verraros and his glow-up.

NYT: I agree with disgraced ex-Harvard prez Claudine Gay here. On the one hand, I think it is untenable to be in her position and to have multiple credible plagiarism accusations. However, I think it should be clear to even those who believe that that she was targeted because she was seen as a progressive, Black threat. I did not agree with her comments on Palestine, so there is no love lost, but she is correct that giving the right a win by sacking her emboldens them — and it will not end with someone like her, who you might think is worth sacrificing.

GR8ERDAYS: It's a return to Roz! Marsha Warfield is back on Night Court decades later, and her character Roz is engaged to a woman.

Marsha-warfield-night-court-finale-cameo-1014x570Our community's golden bachelorette (Image via NBC)

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